Eyelashes and eyebrows disappearing!


I finished 12 weeks of taxol 5 weeks ago and my brows and lashes are almost gone. I was expecting it so not surprised but now I feel so self-conscious. I can’t draw eyebrows on and my eyes just look naked. Normally, I don’t wear make up and have never worn mascara… what to do? Can false eyelashes look natural and if so, do they stay on or applied daily?! Will they hinder regrowth?? I have booked microblading for brows but nervous as I’m 58 and don’t want to end up looking like Katie Price!! I kept all my hair so I’m very grateful for that and thinking about having a fringe cut to hide behind. Any advice appreciated!

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So sorry you’re going through this. I had the same thing happen and am pleased to say my eyelashes have returned just fine. I didn’t go down the route of using falsh lashes because I wear glasses and felt it hid the issue just about enough. On self conscious days I just applied a little eyeliner to give an illusion of something being there. Unfortunately, I’ve personally found my brows have returned incredibly sparse so I booked in and had them microbladed and I couldnt be happier with them. If you express your concerns to the person doing your brows they should go steady on the first appointment and then you can go bolder if needed at the top up X

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Hi Sarahc_123,

I finished 12 weeks of Taxol 7 weeks ago. My brows and lashes all fell out about 2-3 weeks ago, but I’m pleased to say they are both already growing back! Baby brows and baby lashes at the moment, but hopefully they will fill out soon.

I managed to learn how to draw on my brows, getting a couple of good products and some practical advice from the Benefit make up counter in my local John Lewis.

For the lashes, most days I used an eye pencil to line the edges of my lids top and bottom, which disguised the baldness of the lash area.

When I am going out I use C lashes from Eyelure (from Amazon) which were designed by a breast cancer survivor for us lash-less ladies. They are a bit fiddly, but with a bit a patience (& allowing plenty of time) I can get them on. It’s useful to have some tweezers and a pencil lid to help position them, so you don’t end up with sticky fingers.

I have read that they can fall out again once or twice after they have come back, so for me it has been worth persevering to find solutions I’m happy with. Just something to make me fell less self conscious and normal again after those horrible chemo weeks!

Please let me know if you’s like any more info or help.


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Thank you so much for all that info! I have tried a few times to draw them on but feel that they just look ridiculous. I may have a fringe cut on Friday as I have booked a hair cut! I bought some C lashes too! I was recommended them after I did a Look Good, Feel Better course. They don’t look as natural as I’d hoped but better than nothing… I have been wearing glasses or sunglasses to disguise!

I really hope they don’t go again but have heard that they can! Good luck with yours! xx

Thank you! I’ve booked microblading and will just put up with the lashes! Glasses are a great idea too (and sunglasses!) Thank you so much for your response.