eyelashes and mascara

hi me again

are my eyelashes and eyebrows likely to go on fec and tax?

my question really is about wearing mascara
am i shortening their lifespan by wearing mascara that has to be removed every night?

Mine fell out but a couple of months after my hair. I think most people find that lashes and brows go after the head hair. They never completely fell out but eventually I was reduced to just 2 or 3 lashes on each eye and I found that I just didn’t have enough lashes to make it worth putting mascara on.

I don’t know if removing mascara every evening makes it worse or not. I used Olay eye gel every day and night which seemed to help with the condition a bit.

I learned to use eyeliner - a pretty coloured soft pencil from Boots - to give my eyes some definition.
Good luck. Anthi x

Hi again Lincs Lady!

In my experience… they went (FEC) and to be honest… I think if they’re going to go they’re going to go! You might as well make the most of them whilst you’ve got them and wear the mascara!! (Obviously up to you!) Get yourself some false ones in preparation. You can even get pre-guled ones these days and with a bit of practice they are quite easy to put on.

Just a thought… have you booked yourself a “Look Good Feel Better” session? (Here I go with my links again… first HeadStrong and now this!!) lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk/site/index.cfm

Well… both sessions are amazing. At Look Good Feel Better you will be shown clever ways of applying make up to disguise the lack of lashes and eyebrows. And you get a truely wonderful goody bag to take away with you busrting full of top quality make-up.

Through this session I discovered “Browzings” by Benefit. Nothing short of AMAZING for drawing in those missing eyebrows. I’m still using in now to enhance my brows now they’ve come back.

Wishig you all the very best of luck!!

E x

i will give them a ring as there is one 1/2hr away from me ! will time it when im on a good week lol

Hi Lincs Lady

I still have a faint covering of eyebrows, they are very short and thin, but still there and I have just completed my 7th chemo. Same with lashes, they are thin and short but still there. Too short for mascara and they are a bit patchy so looks funny. I have been using false eyelashes when I go out and they are fab. Look natural and I feel more human.

Best of luck.


I also lost all my brows and lashes but not until the tax. I persevered with carefully drawing in my brows and applying eyeliner and astounded people who did not realise that they had gone until it was mentioned. Practise did work on that occassion.

On a positive note. When they came back it was fairly quickly after chemo was finished and once they started to grow they became normal again very quickly,

Take Care


Wear the mascara. As said, they’re coming out whatever, so make the most.

My lashes and brows started coming out about 6 weeks after the hair. By the time I was lash and brow bald (almost - a few lashes, a few brows hairs left), I only had a couple of weeks before I finished epi (hair killer), and went on to CMF (lets it grow back), and both lashes and brows started growing back within about a week of starting cmf. I hardly had any downtime.

Wave a flag though. After I finished chemo I had a major eyebrow and eyelash loss again in the 4-8 week period post last injection. I reckon the hairs that got hit hard just couldn’t hang on. It was all the long ones, ie the oldest ones with most chemo effect, that suddenly came out. Bit of a shocker, but what the heck, been there, seen it, done it. Nowhere near as bad as the bald part. :smiley:


I had FEC followed by TAX. Ikept my eyelashes until the TAX, my eyebrows thinned a little but not noticeably. I bought false lashes in readiness but never bothered with them. I put on heavier eye liner, my wig matched my own hair. In fact when I saw my aunt shortly after chemo finished, she didn’t believe I had had chemo!
Keep on with the mascara!


Hi, my eyelashes thinned with FEC but were finished off completely with tax. I haven’t heard mascara making any difference, and I agree if you are used to wearing it then keep using, even if it gets really hard work when they start to thin. I’m a huge fan of browzings, it looks so natural, and comes in about 4 different shades, I had arguments with people when I said that most of my eyebrow hairs had gone (oh no they haven’t, oh yes they have…). Fake eyelashes didn’t do it for me, but a little eyeliner and light smoky eyeshadow worked really well.

My eyelashes have started to re-grow this week, 2 1/2 months after my last tax, even though I’m on herceptin, zoladex and arimidex, which is supposed to slow things down. Let’s hope they are stayers.

Alice x

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Mine came out in the last six weeks or so. Three weeks since last tax and I can feel my eyelashes are starting to come back but I can’t really see them yet. I mascara’d until there was nothing left to bother with. I’m loving false eyelashes now, wear them all the time. Took a bit of getting the hang off, but there’s some great youtube tutorials, mainly done by sixteen year olds, showing how best to apply them. My eyebrows were rubbish anyway, due to many decades of over plucking so I was pretty much painting them on before chemo.



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