Eyelashes one year after last chemo

Hi there, I finished chemo 1st June 2021 and I’m still feeling the effects of it (3 x AC, 11 x Paclitaxel). I’m doing okay with it but I’m wondering why my eyelashes are still falling out. I’ve not completely lost them again but they are erratic and every now and then they fall and I end up with half an eyelid of short lashes and the other half, long. Has anyone else experienced this and has anyone found that this stabilises at some point? 

Thank you. 


Are you on hormone therapy? That may explain it. I’m 3 years on and my lashes have never recovered. They are thinner, straighter, paler - and there are bald patches on the lower lashes. I didn’t mind losing any of my hair except my eyelashes!

Hi LadyParticular

Sorry to hear of your hair issues, I can empathise.

I have had hair regrowth issues since finishing my treatment in February 2020, FEC-T and Herceptin.  Now left with thin hair and noticeably stubby eyelashes and sparse brows.

After almost 2.5 years of waiting patiently for improvements and nothing growing, I treated myself in June to some products from UKLash, the brow serum and lash serum.  I was completely sceptical but have stuck to a routine with the brow serum, applying every night.  Not so with the lash serum as it is cold and makes my eyes feel funny so have only applied every other night at most.

No-one could have been more shocked then me when I went to remove my brow powder one evening (after about 5 weeks of continuous use of the serum) and realised I had brows and they wouldn’t rub off! And even though I have been hit and miss with the lash serum, I do have a lash in every follicle and they can be seen with or without mascara.

I’m aware they do a hair serum so will hope to try this soon, the brows growing back have made such a difference.

Take care x

Hi - I finished chemo in Sep 2022 and both my eyelashes and eyebrows are very sparse and no where near what they were before.  I find this incredibly distressing and upsetting.  My oncologist has told me to give it some time but after 7 months I think they would have grown back by now.  I have been incredibly lucky and have had fantastic treatment on the NHS but wish I was prepared for this part of the process.  I honestly thought I was going to go back to normal, obviously following a period of time, and in some ways I am finding this part of the process the hardest part to cope with - the realisation that I will never look like what I did before.