I know it’s vanity, but I’m really missing mine.



How long have people had to wait before they come back?



Please tell me they do.

Hello Daisy,

How are you doing? I didn’t really see it as vanity - more like another bleepibg change to put up with!!

I was on FecT. Eyelashes and (even worse in my opinion), eyebrows disappeared during the later end of the e T part.

I can’t remember exactly when my eyelashes cane back - it didn’t seem too long. I just use to check abd got excited when I saw some little black dots one day on the inner rims. Remember hair regrowth abd times etc can vary for different people.

I found I could minimise the bare look by putting black eyeliner on the rim at the top and along the outer line at the bottom which I thought gave me a subtle natural effect.
Take care and wishing you all tge best Daisy x ?