Eyesight I have had 6 treatments of chemo and 20 sessions of radiotherapy which finished in April. I have noticed that my eyesight has gone a bit blurry - I do wear glasses as I am short sighted - however if looking at anything close now I have to take my glasses off but as soon as I need to look further away I have to put my glasses back on. Do you thing this is due to the chemo or just a further deterioration of my eyesight. I did check with the nurse but they could not give a definitive answer.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has this.




I am off to get my eyes checked tomorrow. I am also short sighted and do feel that my eye sight is more blurry since chemo. I am also on Heception which is making my eyes very dry and also puffy.
Go and get them tested, I am sure it is a side effect of chemo.

Love Geraldine45

There must be a common link here as my eyes have gone funny since chemo, i have trouble reading things close up for instance a lable on a jar, ive always had good eyes but have def got worse these last six months.

Sorry i dont have an answer but it would be good to hear if it could be the chemo.

take care


When I was on Vinolrebine, about 48 hours after receiving it, my eyes went peculiar and focusing was a problem. It was temporary, and has not happened since. I think chemo may well be a factor. I was warned not to have my eyes tested until several months after chemo.

I had problems with blurry vision during chemo. My eyes also became very dry. however this settled down once I’d finished chemo. I’m short sighted and have worn contacts for over 20 years. Things are now as they were before chemo.


Same with me. Hi Jayne,
It’s the same for me what you described and I’m due an eye test soon and will mention about my having had chemo and if it has affected my eye sight.
I saw my dentist this month and he told me chemo does not affect your teeth so that was good news, but it can damage the gums. Mine were okay thankfully.

problems with contact lenses Hi everyone

Has anybody had trouble with their contract lenses after chemo. Mine have been fine all the way through my FEC chemo, but since Ive finished and started on Tamoxifen I have been having trouble with my left eye, optician has given me new lenses but it still driving me mad, very uncomfortable, feeling dry and if I wear them too long the next day it feels like Ive had something in it.

Can anyone help have spoken to Nurse - she says Tam can give dry eyes.