FA and recall mammogram?

Hey everyone,

I am posting about my mum, just trying to get a little more insight into this.

My mum is nearly 58, and in 2007 went for her first mammogram which showed a mass, she had a core biopsy which showed a benign fibroaenoma. In 2010, she had her second mammogram which came back clear, no mention of the fibroadenoma etc (it wasnt removed)

Now on Wednesday 9th Jan she had her 3rd one, and received a letter yesterday (saturday) calling her back to the hospital she had the biopsy in in 2007. They have no mentioned a reason, other than or further investigation. This appointment is for this Wednesday 16th

So, could this be in any way related to the fibroadenoma moving/changing? I ask this because it wasnt mentioned at all on the last one that she had. Naturally I am worrying because of the “clear” mammogram she had 3 years ago and that she got the recall letter so fast.

Opinions please ladies, regardless or whether good or bad? I am trying to be as supportive as I can be but with so many “ifs” an “buts” I am finding it difficult and would find it easier personally to deal with possible realities


Anyone at all?

Anyone at all, any advice, reassurance?

I know it is difficult not to worry. In 2008, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I won’t go in the details of my treatment. but 2010 I had a mammogram on my remaining breast; within a week I was recalled. You can well imagine that I feared the worse. It was only that the quality of the mammogram was not good enough. The recall mammogram was on a different machine and they were able to let me within 30 minutes that it was clear.
If I were your mum, I would ask the doctor about the fibroadenoma when she gets her results. And as we all tend to forget what we want to ask the doctor, get her to write a list of questions ahead of time.
I hope this helps.


I think that recall letters are sent out quickly whatever the reason. I called to change my appointment after a recall and commented that I was worried as the letter had come so quickly. I was told all recall letters are sent out when the images are viewed if they need to do further images. In my case it was BC but I don’t think that made a difference to when I got the letter.

I hope her appointment goes well and that it is good news.

I to was recalled I had my mamo done just after my 50th birthday it was the middle of nove (im from the Isle of man )and our slides got to southampton to be read i had my reacall letter within 14 days ,as they couldnt get a clear picture on the first it was described as grainey then they couldnt get the breast in far enough to take a look at the fibro they had found i then ended up at the linda mccartney center in liverpool !for them to have a go .once the ball is rolling they seem to push it all along quite fast .good luck I hope it all turns out well for you and your mum

Thank you so much for all of your replies.

My dad received a phonecall this morning from the hospital making sure mum was coming - is that a normal thing to do?

My mum went to the GP this morning (unrelated) and the GP told her goodluck tomorrow, and she had on her system that the “abnormality” is in the left breast, and the fibroadenoma is in the right one and that they are looking to do another mammogram and then possibly a biopsy.

Can these fibroadenomas pop up like this? I read they are uncommon in postmenopausal women?

Thank you again