Fab idea for a support toy for children dealing with Cancer, but i need some help pls!

I have had a really lovely idea for something I would like to develop to make to support young children who either have a parent going through a serious illness, or they are facing it themselves. It is n idea for a soft toy that can be used from verbal ages upwards… and I am quite excited about it!


It has kind of developed from my own experience of secondary breast cancer to date, and the fact that I have 2 small children…

I have no idea where to start, does anyone have any suggestions? 

I don’t want to make any money from it, but it would need a charity backing and then maybe some crowd funding or something like that to get it going?

I have no experience of any of the above, just that I know it’s a lovely idea and it would help my kids… and hopefully hundreds of others ( and at the moment the only support I can find out there is “mummy’s lump…”

Pls can anyone help or suggest what to do next?!


What a lovely idea. It could be a kind of comfort blanket, or very soft squeaky toy? There is a lovely teething toy, a giraffe in soft rubber, babies seem to love it…you could get some small caps made…the ones for a small baby. Good luck with itxx

Hi Leo Have you seen this?


Thanks both…

That young man making the bears is amazing, what a star!

I have an idea for a toy that will support children emotionally, I need the help if anyone has any contacts of people who could make a prototype? I would then like to try a crowd funding type page to see if people like them, then maybe send them to a charity as a support to be offered to families?


I would like to design a lion toy where children can post their worries into it at night time… a adult can then read it and reply, posting something in the back of the toy if needed. I was also going to put a bag on the back of the lion with some very simple coloured wrist bands in them that the child can choose to wear, if they want to talk about it or need some help (maybe red for help/talk an green for a good day?) I was also thinking a small hug token in the bag is something they could also hand over?

I think sometimes we all need a little help emotionally, and children who are dealing with this need some help when they just don’t know what to say/adults aren’t sure what is worrying them.

A lion symbolizes bravery and facing your fears, and I am currently telling my 2 to be brave like a lion…

Thus would also help as kids could take it to school/any other setting where adult are trying to support them…

What do people think?

Good idea? 

I would be rubbish at making them, but I love the idea of giving something to support kids dealing with chronic or serious illnesses in either themselves or an adult that they love…











Dove house hospice (our local hospice)do a knitted toy. They give one to children (and adults if wanted) and one to the person who is terminal. The terminal person takes it with them when they are cremated/buried (my mum did) and the remaining family take theirs home. The idea is that you give it a hug when you miss the person and they’ll be hugging theirs (they put it in mums coffin when she was at rest). I take mine to bed - I just turned 41 (!) but lost my mum in September. My son has his in his memory box and gets me mine if he sees me sad. He’s only 4.

You could target your local hospice as that’s where we got ours.

Hi Leo, 

your idea is great! Yes Daisys suggestion of the local hospice is a good one too.



do you have any local artists near you? Some of them might have the the skills you are looking for…I am an artist, but my skills dont fit. But a nice local artist who works with fabrics or soft materials, im sure they would be happy to help you. You could do a couple of rough sketches about how you think it might look?


just put the name of your county, followed by artists into your browser and see what comes up? If there is a local art college, you could ring one of the tutors and have a chat…,they Too are artists and will have sone brilliant ideasxx



good luck with it Leo

love Moijanxx???

Hi Daisy,


have been thinking about you a lot recently.


i know it was such a blow losing your mum. When I lost mine about twenty years ago now, 

i too was heartbroken, took a long tine to come to terms.xx


how lovely that your little boy gets your comfort toy for youxx

he will grow up knowing compassion xx


love, Moijanxx 

Thanks Moijan

It is hard - I dreamt she was alive last night and I was confused as I knew she had died several weeks ago.
My little boy seems to understand as far as possible - he’s 4 in three weeks. He’s seen Nanna’s ashes, knows that she died because she had cancer that spread and that she didn’t have a choice. The family support lady from the hospice has been to visit a couple of times (my choice - wasn’t sure how I’d be). She is really happy with how he has reacted to it all and said it is best that they know as much truth as possible to prevent future issues (/some people say they have gone to sleep - apparently can lead to sleep issues etc).
Hope you are doing well too.
Hope you get sorted with a keepsake Leo.

Hi Daisy,


thank you…a keepsake is just what I needxx Just realised that bit was for Leo, and I hope so too Leoxx


chatting to you tho,…reminded me I have had dreams like that.


( I dreampt mum died shortly  Before she did! Which really upset me…I kind of went through the shock twice)


After she died, im not sure exactly when, but I had a dream with mum in it and when I went to chat to her, she had gone from the dream!


I used to chat to her daily after she died…at around 11am, which was the time I used to phone her from work!

i still miss her dreadfully and now im older than she was!


much love to you, you have also supported so many of us on here xx







Hi all

Thank you for you lovely comments… they have given me lots of ideas which I will keep you posted on!

Daisy… I love the idea of a shared toy as well, and can see that would be really powerful…

I have been a bit quiet as I he some liver surgery this week… Will be having a few weeks off to recover so will get planning… once it’s all settled down a bit…


Love to one and all