Face rash - tamoxifen or radiotherapy?

Hi all.

I finished 2 weeks of radiotherapy last week and am about 2 months into Tamoxifen with no side effects.
Side effects from radiotherapy are a swollen, red boob.
However, I’ve had a rash all over my face for 2 days and it has tiny white pimples.
I haven’t had anything like this before so wondering for it’s anything to do with the rads or (hopefully not) the Tamoxifen!
If anyone has any ideas, it would be great to hear.

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@cupz I’m sorry you didn’t get a reply to your post , hopefully this has resolved for you now , if not maybe you could ask about this in the Ask our Nurses your questions section of the forum ?

Hi @cupz
I get a face rash after each of my chemo sessions around about days 14 to 19. I was advised it was likely to have been toxins coming out. Better out than in I figured!
I was prescribed an antihistamine face cream but I ended up finding a natural herbal cream which has really soothed my skin.
I gave up worrying about having what looks like teenage acne for the 4-5 days each cycle, at least I wasn’t feeling other symptoms at that point .
Talk to your medical team I’m sure they can also give you something.
All the best x