Facebook chats

Hi all


I keep reading that there are Facebook groups available. There seems to be a couple but wondered which one is for me?

I am 33 with 2 children aged 7 and 3 and have secondary breast cancer.


Any info or links would be great

Here is link;



Click ‘about’ on the page to find out 

how you can join. They also have a secondary group for younger women too via the main group.


Good luck

Mahsa x



Amf80 there are lots of different groups on Facebook. The one I’m on is for women if all age groups pm’d if you want any more info.

Chris xxx

Hi Shazza


The secondary group also managed by YBCN admin team. Just send them message with your details, etc…, and they will add you on. Sorry I can’t help any further, I don’t have admin rights.


All the best,

Mahsa x