Facial Hair - is looking like a Polar Bear Normal ??

Hi, I have finished my chemo just before Christmas and now my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows etc etc is growing back. However, I seem to have a LOT of hair on the side of my face and a fine downey? blonde hair all over my face. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same problem and what can be done about it without resorting to wax etc. Last time I had chemo (2006/2007) the hair didnt grow back this bad. xx

Hi F1Fan (and so am I by the way)

Yes I got very downy hair on my face after chemo finished. I am afraid I resorted to taking a razor to it very gently and it then reverted to normal. If you feel brave enough then do try.

Good luck


I had lots of fluffy White fur on my cheeks when I finished chemo too! I did attack it with tweezers a couple of times, but it actually dissapeared quite quickly on it’s own…phew!!


i had it when my hair started to grow back in… still got a wee bit of a furry face but not as fluffy as before.


Mine was at its worst around christmas - the suggestions I could always get work in a grotto (from my 11yr old) nearly got him grounded lol. Its subsided now. My theory is, before we lost our hair our facial hair was naturally exfoliated daily through washing and cleansing etc and stays at a certain level - when the hair comes back all at once it takes a couple of weeks for it to settle down and thankfully mine has - hope this helps x Debbie x

Not started chemo yet!! but reading all the threads l can about it.

Debbie, that is a good thought, with regards to naturally exfoliating every day! l wonder if gently rubbing your face with a dry flannel every day would remove a lot of this ‘fluff’ l fear shaving would only bring problems, perhaps l am wrong! and just a thought
Love to all
Sandra x


Yes, I had ‘fluffy’ face as well. I first noticed it on a day when I was going to a friends wedding. I was horrified, I looked like the wolfman! So I dashed off to Boots and bought Boots own sensitive skin facial hair remover which worked a treat and the hair didn’t come back thankfully!

Funny how you go from having no hair to having too much in the wrong places!

Esme x

Happened to me too but it all dissapeared quite quickly thank goodness.

It was very strange how the fluff went from the top of my head to my eyebrows and around my cheeks when it first came back!!!
Was in small panic mode when it became it’s worse but then that’s when it started to go. I’m lucky I’m fair so it wasn’t obvious to people unless you looked closely at me although I knew and hated it…

Me too. All fluffy down sides of face and neck. It is going on it’s own though. Al x

well, i thought itwas just me… ive been like this since finishing the FEC as well,

I had the same after finishing TAC chemo in September. It is going, although slowly, I haven’t been brave enough to get a razor to it yet.
My OH told me not to go outside if it was a full moon - charming :slight_smile:

PS My avatar is not me by the way!

Thanks for your replies ladies - at least I know its not just me. Going to see if it goes of its own accord first. Take care all xx

Well. unlike you good ladies, it didn’t seem to want to disappear. So Facial creams where needed and too this date seem to have done the trick. No-One every tells you about this stuff, and its the second time round for me!!!

mmmm i to have fluff but onc has put it down to the AD’s(letrozole)

Piper you did make me laugh!!!

My sideburns are very fine but masses of hair some of which is black as I’m dark haired/olive skinned anyway. My head hair has grown back thicker and with more wave than before but it’s still short so the sideburns are on full view. I finished chemo back in October so I have a feeling this might be the tamoxifen and/or menopause as there’s no sign of it disappearing.
I always wear pretty earrings now in case anyone catches a glimpse and mistakes me for a man!

Mentioned to my surgeon last week ay 1st annual appointment - he said tamox can do that…

I dyed my hair bright purple a couple of weeks agao and ended up with a purple beard - ahhhhhhh

this fine facial hair is called lanugo,it appears when the body is under physical stress such as in anorexia sufferers as well in those undergoing cancer treatment
the good news is it will disappear by itself as our physical condition and nutrition improves

I wish I had known this when I was having chemo. I was HORRIFIED to be turning into a werewolf and thought it was only me this had happened to. I felt too embarrassed to ask anyone about it yet felt confident to go out with my bald head on show. Eventually I went to a beauty place. A lovely lady said it wasn’t thick or dark just long hair! Anyway he waxed it and I felt much better. I hadn’t thought about it being a body reaction to being under stress.

forgot to say the coarser type of facial hair which is often darker too is the one caused by hormonal changes,and this one we just have to deal with
I started sprouting this at the same time as my teenage son,but thankfully mine has subsided somewhat,whereas his is going strong