Facial Hair

Girls. I think this has been mentioned before but not in any great depth.

I have been on tamoxifen since end April and have noticed fine, light coloured hairs on the ‘sideburn’ areas of my face. Has anyone else had this and does the hair dissappear after a while? think it is to do with the tablets and hormones etc.


Hi Vezza,

I have this problem - more like a fuzz on both sides. I am not on tamoxifen, nor is my bc hormone related - but it could be a hormone thing cos I’m getting on a bit - well past the menopause! I did take tamoxifen for 18 months about 10 years ago though. I know there has been quite a bit of discussion on the forums - some find it goes after a while - but mine hasn’t.


Hi Vezza

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Try Boots Facial Hair Cream (works wonders for me)ha!

I do think it is a hormone thing. Menopause and all that goes with it i.e Joint Pain. Hot Fluses.
Dry Skin. Headaches. need I go on!

I think Tamoxifen gets blamed for a lot of things that would have happened with the memopause anyway. I’m just glad its avaible to take if it keeps things at bay it’s well worth a bit of Facial Hair.

Keep Well

Me too! It kicked in during chemo although has got a lot less over the last six months

Hi - yes I too had the dreaded facial hair, started tamoxifen Nov 06 - but the hair disappeared about March time - so hopefully it will for you too.

Love Jean

Me too,its really noticeable,did a ridiculous thing and used my sons electric shaver on it and it grew back just the same,am on tamoxifen and i only noticed it after i started using it,but as others have said maybe laying the blame on that and it could have been the chemo…dont know really,my daughters said i looked like a white monkey(nice kids eh) so am going to use the cream that Janet suggested,hope in time it will just disappear as quickly as it came,love L.

I have more hair on my face than on my head at the moment.Infact, in the right light I have a positive halo of fluff around my face. To be honest its small price to pay for potentially curative treatment, and is a constant source of amusment to my 3 children, but Im off to Boots tomorrow to try some of that facial hair cream mentioned earlier. The only saving grace is that its blonde and fine, not dark or curly.