Facial hair

Hi all,
Help, I have had 8 chemo which has stopped my periods, I have had lumpectomy and soon to have lymph nodes out then rads and tamoxifen, my hair fell out with chemo one EC and eyelashes on chemo 6 Tax, hair has started to come back and eyelashes but I have now got hair well stubble growing on my cheek bones, poss hormonal, friend said I could wax, has any one experienced this, any ideas if this will be permanent?
Thanks Dawn x

Hi Dawn

sorry no experience of this yet!!! but I seem to recall reading something about it before try using the search at the top - seem to recall it can be removed and not returning but not sure just double check.


Hi Dawn,

I have just finished 4xFec and 4xTax and when I started Tax I noticed a fine fuzz of hair growing all down the side of my face, from my cheekbones to jawline, which was quite alarming! I waxed it with some facial wax strips from Boots and even though it came back after a few weeks after a second waxing it seems not to be returning. You’re probably right, it’s probably hormonal. My periods stopped after Fec no. 2 and haven’t come back. I’m due to start Tamoxifen tomorrow and rads at end of May.

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Love Louisa xxx

Hi Dawn,
The things they DON’T mention! I’ll look forward to growing a beard to match my hubby’s now! Mind you, Louisa gave me great hope…no more periods?! Had 1st FEC last week…so not long to go hopefully before all that monthly grief stops! There’s always a bright side, you just have to hunt high and low to find it sometimes! All the best to you Dawn, I hope that for you, like Louise, it all settles down very soon. Take care, Sue xx

Sounds like there is no magic solution, as if, I know thats wishful thinking,
thank you for your support and info, My periods stopped after 1st EC so it prob is hormonal, I have had ops and going to have rads soon then Tamoxifen… I wonder will it get better or worse, I shall have to wait and see ! That has been my motto in all this , I shall have to wait and see,
Take care all
Dawn X


Hello One + All. I had my first FEC yesterday. So far so good! My face is very red (I’m fair skinned+ now resemble a tomato). I imagine that’s the steroids I was given at time of chemo. Also the soles of my feet feel strange, not painful but slightly tingly + hot. Any suggestions? Or am I going potty.

I managed to give myself the injection today. first time for me. I dreaded it but wasn’t too bad after all

Hope you are all keeping on top of things
Coleen x

hi dawn , i`ve now finished all my treatment and yes the face hair is hormornal i had it when my hair grew back i scissored mine off and it never grew back…caroleann

Hi all

I have posted this on behalf of new user Alison



Hi, I have just registered and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. You think all these things are happening just to you like nails falling off and this wretched awful facial hair, i had no idea other people had the same thing. I keep thinking it will be less noticable when my hair gets longer but its just one thing after another. I finished all treatment in January [except tamoxifen] but last week I noticed my toe nails are now falling off, is there no end to it.

Hi to all and a big welcome to Alison
I only registered a few weeks ago, I had been using site for info and reading lots of threads, I learnt so musch and it really helped me. I decided to take the plunge and start posting myself, it feels odd at first, I felt like an intruder the first time cos lots of people have been in contact for ages,
I so glad I did, I know how you feel Alison, just when you think you getting somewhere something else crops up. I have had chemo and 2 ops and am now healing for a few weeks then on to rads!!! Getting there slowly but surely… I have got to have Tamoxifen afterwards to for 5 years I think. How have you been on it, Are you feeling ok now you have finished your treatment.
Take care Dawn X