Facial rash on Docetaxel / Taxotere

Hi, I’ve had my second T 10 days ago and now I have a blotchy red rash over my face - it’s not particularly itchy but feels hot, a bit like sunburn. Has anyone had this and got any tips? Thanks, 

Hi Josie11

I have a similar sort of rash - it s almost like it is under the skin and srtuggleto hide it with make-up I have assuemed it is yet another SE and am going to ask at my prechemo session tomorrow.




Hi Joyce, I feel like a Belisha beacon ! It’s not very itchy but I feel as if I touch it, it will really get bad. I hope you get on well tomorrow and it’s all go for the last round and if you get an answer re the rash, let me know, xxxx

Hi Joyce, I suppose it’s good that they’re not worried. Mine is much the same - I spoke to my GP and she has given me a prescription for Dermacool to try but as long as there’s no sign of infection then she’s not worried either. I’m glad you’re good to go on Wednesday though ???. I can’t remember if I said that the steroid tail helped immensely and the round has just been tiredness and discomfort rather than sleepless nights and pain. My eyes are sore too - they’re not running, but I have double vision in one which is horrible. I find a hot flannel compress once daily and lacrilube artificial tears at night keeps things bearable. Just think though , in 10 days you’ll be more or less finished this stage and onto the next - I can’t remember if you’re having radiotherapy? Xxx

Enjoy your break :-). Does that mean you’ll be just finished by Christmas? X

That would be so good - to start the New Year with it all done. My last chemo is due next Wed and I’m still waiting for radiotherapy dates. I now have about 0.5 cm fuzz over my head which has grown since I started T and my leg hair has come back - typical! I can’t tell what colour it is yet. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow - hope it goes to plan and the side effects are not too bad, xxxx