The day has come…



Went into a weatherspoons in Wales yesterday apparently didnt know but the no smoking ban has been there since April. it smelt so much better.

Well its going to be a tough day, not allowed to smoke in around work, wow think they will be a few mental craving people around…lol

Thanks Karen for your help, finally found my way on here…lol


Dear All
i’m having so much trouble not smoking and I’m not doing very well. I’m smoking in secret so as not to attract disapproving looks (I’m still working). It’s really hard!
Any advice from anyone? I am using patches which help but not with the nausea!
Cecelia. x

It’s getting a bit much . . . smoking in the rain, with thunder and lightning about. Might have to give it up?


Tough days, everyone at work is quite tetchy, missing their fag breaks,have to get in the car and drive away for a fag or three. It has cut me down, but sorry cannot quite yet, but I promise I will try harder…lol


I’m not sure if this will appear on the website, I have written a few postings and they haven’t appeared…anyway, just to say I am wishing all you ladies good luck with the no smoking…I smoked until I was 34, then emigrated to a country where they were DIRT cheap and I still stopped…how good is that! One of the best things I have done in my life…really. I’ve had a few ops in my life, hysterectomy, mastectomy and the worse one was a 6 hour brain op to remove a brain tumour and you know what ladies, I came through it all with flying colours, all because my lungs were pretty good…

I’m not trying to be the big gun here, just that I am 60 next year, my friend is 55 and a heavy smoker (she just can’t smoke, bless her) and I am so much fitter than she is, she will even agree. How can you tell people that you love that it is such a waste of money and health? You can’t, you can only hope they will stop…this is one of the reasons I wanted to be on a website with Elaine…I just know she is halfway there with wanting to stop (and mentioning it all the time!)

Hi Roz and everyone else,

Still have not kicked the filthy habit but have cut down a bit…missing the smoking room at work and also at the pub, so have decided to become a recluse in my home, with me fags and booze…lol. Seriously am definately going to try and stop when I get back from my hols…honest.

Will keep you informed


Hi Elaine

Seriously am definately going to try and stop when I get back from my hols…honest.

I KNOW you will Elaine, you talk about it all the time, it is on your mind all the time too…just like it was with me…you feel guilty, I KNOW you do. I did the same. I stopped eventually…I’m watching you on all the websites…and I am going to be your helper…I just know I am! How’s the evening going with the grandson…I am sooooooooo envious.

Hi ladies,

so far so good. Haven’t smoked since I last posted saying I was back ON the wagon after finding out I have to have Herceptin. Its been tough at times so far and I do miss it but I just can’t turn round to my oncologist as I’m about to start Herceptin and say that I’m STILL smoking.

Hope you’re all ok and enjoying the weekend,


hi Roz I just noticed your post to me I am so sorry I took so long to reply I had a wonderful time with my sister and brother-in-law I live just 15 from Edinburgh Its a little village called Fauldhouse we took them to Edinburgh they bought lots of tartan gifts for their friends in PE They were a bit shocked at how expensive things were over here. I have my last chemo next Wednesday and then the doctor will put me on the Armitrex for 5 years. I will do as you said I will take them and see how I get on with them and if I have any problems then I will ask to be cjanged to something else as I think 5 years is to long to suffer side efffects. I have been reading all your posts you seem to be a good friend to all of the smokers.I think they all do seem to admire you so much especially all you have been through you are such a very strong lady. I do so admire you so much. My sister has lots of friends in J Burg and also Cape Town they always seem to be flying to one or another of the places. I think PE is such a beautiful place I had a holiday I will never forget.I stopped smoking now as I felt a bit awful having a masectomy then having a fag it just didnt seem right. So I went to a no smoking group and I did it with the patches they did make it a lot easier. My sister brought me 2 boxes of fags over with her so I just sold them for £30 per box they cost £5-35p a packet here now so thats over 75 rand over there so I couldnt afford it anyway with being off work and I also feel so much better.Have you been to PE let me know and please keep in touch and you look after yourself Lots Of Love Linda xxxxx

Hi Linda

I don’t come on this site much now, is there any way you can get in touch with me? I don’t think you can email one another from this site, but I will put my email address here anyway because I would love to talk to you privately. I do hope you are ok after your chemo on Wednesday. (edited by moderator - email address removed). I think this website is allowing people to get in touch with one another, so I can but try. Lots of love Roz x

I’m so sorry if I did wrong, I just want to know where to go to try to leave a message for someone on this site. I really don’t want to go against rules but I just don’t know how to get my email address to someone who wants to get in touch with me, maybe you can help me?

hi Roz I am trying to think of a way to get my email adress to you I think its terrible that they wony allow this anyway I cant see a problem sending someone your email address who would want to get it touch with us with BC I think thats what they are afraid of Anyway how you doing I told my sister all about you and she said the same as me you are such a brave lady. She emailed me some pictures of her little grand-daughter she is only 5 months old her name is Erin and its her first grand-child so she is absolutely spoiled. I went into Edinburgh last Saturday and bought her a beautiful tartan dress with the white little collar she hasent got it yet as the post takes so long. I am going to-day to get her liitle black patent shoes to go with it. I got her age 12 months to 2 years as it was so expensive so it will last her quite a long time.Last night my sister asked me when I was coming again I said very soon as I cant wait to see that beautiful Indian Ocean again and all that lovely food I do love all your restuarants there I never stopped eating the whole time I was there. When we didnt eat out we had a brie it was great If I was younger I am 49 I would definitely come and stay there but I think its to late for us now.My sister and husband went at the right time they were young and made there lives there.She has got a very succesful business going over there she does promotionsin all the big stores over there even Jo-burg and Cape town they have got a wonderful lifestyle. There is only the 2 of us no brothers or other sisters so I do miss having a sister here. When my father died a few years ago my mother went for a holiday for a month when she was there she slipped and fell she broke her hip and got operated on the next day but pnemonia set in and she died over there 3 days later so it was very traumatic for the 2 of us I didnt get to het funeral as it all happened so quick. My sister has never got over it she still blames herself she says if she hadent got het a ticket then she would still be alive to-day she was only 63 but I dont blame her cause I know my mum had a wonderful time when she was there and she also seen her 2 grand daughters which she would not have seen if she hadent gone. anyway I will keep in touch with you through this site until I can find a way to give you my email address You Take Care Brave Lady Love Linda xxxx

hi roz I dont think it has worked it has been edited they did that with me as well I think it is so stupid there must be a way they even edited my private message or else I didnt do it right this new site is very hard to understand. I am finding messages for me all over the place its terrible I think everyone is struggling Linda x

I forgot to add you can ask anything you want to me I will try and find a way to get to you though I have been thinking about it all day. I couldnt even give you my sisters number as they would just delete it. I was trying to meet a lady somewhere last week and they deleted it as well. I put the name off the store where my son is head of Security and they deleted that as well anyway I hope you had a brilliant day cause you are one lady who deserves it Hope you had your G&Ts the clubs there are great. My sister and brother-in-law took me to the Golf Club for Sunday lunch when I was there it was very posh we had to change when we got there as we went to the board walk first in tea shirts and shorts so we had to change into something more appropriate for dining.The food was fantastic it was a carvery I ate like a pig and after we had ate we went through into another room for our Brandys was great.Next time I come I am bringing my little grand-daughter she is 4 her name is Holly and she is a little angel I forgot to ask you where did you come from here before you emigrated also my sister has got a very good friend in East London her name is adie not that you would know her. Her best friends are Pat and Peter grom Jo-Burg they own a lovely cottage in a place called Cannon Rocks and they all spend lots of weekend there they take all there food and drinks and they just Brie all weekends its so peaceful there no traffic the seeing that ocean took my breath away. Its a site I will never ever forget. If we ever get our emails sorted out then I will send you some pictures. We went to a place in PE the 2nd night I was there it was called Buffalo Bills well I ordered a steak you have never seen anything like it in your life it was the size of half a sheep I had to take a picture of it. I couldnt eat it all and when we were leaving the waiter handed me a package. I thought he was giving me a present but no it was my steak I thought he was joking anyway my brother-in-law took it to the office with him with some bread and microwaved it for his lunch. Also they did the same at The Mug and Bean I bet you think all I did was eat when I was there Well I did and drink I must be boring you now as you know all this but its just a holiday I will never forget. Anyway I will speak soon tell Hubby I was asking for him as well as must have been a tower of strength for you Love Linda xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Linda

I have tried posting a private message to you, the moderator told me how to do it, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. If you go into www.breakthrough.org.uk and register, then you will see in the section ‘living with breast cancer’ that I have left a message for you with my email address on for you…it’s easy to register, I tried to do the same on the website you gave me but I must have been doing something wrong.

I had a great afternoon yesterday, Andy and his team won his match, so of course, as usual we outstayed our welcome in the bar! But the people are so lovely and down to earth so didn’t want to go home. Such a beautiful day too, for mid winter, today is also lovely, going to 20 midday, still cold at night though.

Anyway please register to find my message

Love Roz xx