Failed DIEP

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been on the website for a while but would like to share my experience. I had a DIEP performed six weeks ago which unfortunatley failed on the fourth day. I can’t describe how devastated I feel but I’m trying to come to terms with it and get my life back to normal.
Has anyone else gone through this? Discussed with my PS yesterday other options but I’m just not sure. I really don’t feel I could undergo any other vascular surgery so may consider an LD with implant.Any words of inspiration girls?

Malan x

Hi Malan,

Can’t really help with diep, but really sorry this has happened to you. I am having an ld with implant this year. I have now seen a lot of ladies who have had this procedure and the result is very good. Recovery is quicker than with the diep, altho they are both major ops. I’m sure someone will come along with more info for you.
Hope this helps anyway,
Good luck with your decision.
Rosie x

First of all let me tell you how sorry I am this has happened to you, it’s rare but it still happens to some unlucky people. It is indescribably horrible to be feeling all the effects of major surgery and for it not to be going well and I’m not surprised that you feel completely devastated.

I got back from hospital yesterday having had prophylactic bilateral dieps. The right side was fine but I had to go straight back to theatre for the left, which had bled immediately , I needed blood transfusion and over the next few days the flap was not working properly at all. They kept it working with leeches but right up until yesterday morning there was talk of removing the whole flap and skin grafting, I’ve now been allowed home and it seems to be hanging in there but that side is huge and swollen and there is still a lot of doubt as to how much of it has been damaged and what the long term outcome will look like.

I had long talks with the surgeon as to what could be done if the flap needed to be removed. and he felt that the first thing is to get fit and healthy and to get over your loss mentally. LD reconstruction with implant was what he suggested for the future for me if necessary but he pointed out that I would have to be ready for it mentally and physically and really want to subject myself to more surgery. It is apparently a bit more painful initially as muscle is cut, but you don’t have the abdominal side of things to think about and the recovery is a lot quicker.

Hope that is helpful-keep strong

What did you end up doing? I have the same situation but with skin necrosis! Hope all turned out ok.