Failed Implant Breast Reconstruction to a successful Diep flap - ALWAYS HOPE

Hi Ladies,


Has anyone else had problems with chest expanders and implants after mastectomy ? 


I suffered badly with the expanders and subsequent implants. I had terrible pain and after 3 goes by the surgeon to correct this, I had to be ex-planted . The relief when the implants were taken out was enormous. I was not even breathing correctly when they were in due to the pressure on my chest. I have researched problems with implants since and during this terrible period and although I was told this was uncommon, find that this is not the case and many woman suffer from problems with expanders and implants . 


After I was ex-planted my chest looked far worse then how it did previously when I was flat (I had delayed recon)  but no surgeon here in the UK  felt they were able to perform a successful diep flap or tug flap on me . Thankfully I found out about an amazing hospital in New Orleans called the Hospital for Restorative Breast Reconstruction . They are the worlds leaders in breast reconstruction and offer surgeries that the Uk have not yet mastered ! … They were a life saver for me and are experts at correcting botched or failed reconstructive surgery .


My flap reconstruction was a great success and I often wonder if their are ladies out there who are having problems with implants or who have been ex-planted and feel they have no other options ? Or any ladies struggling with this process ? .


I started a closed private FB page for ladies all over the UK  which has helped woman understand more about options they have (and do not know about ), we offer lots of support, share our experiences  about mastectomies and reconstruction and endeavour to be informed so we can be our own advocate and try to get the best treatment and results for ourselves  This group has helped so many ladies .( Its called Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction UK  for anyone interested.)

I found surgeons do not have the time to explain ALL of the issues, physical and emotional that MX and reconstruction can kick up - I felt very alone in my initial journey and was lucky enough to find a group in the USA with ladies willing to share ‘real’ reconstruction experiences, which as we know is very different to reading things on the net… Starting the UK group was a way of me paying it forward too.


If anyone is having problems with expanders/implants or failed reconstruction I would love to hear from you … and of course would love to hear of success stories with any flap surgeries. I am 6 months out but still healing in many ways 



Bev xxx