Failed Prostap?

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had experience of FSH and Oestradiol levels? I have been on Prostap a year and Exemestane since Dec 23 and randomly came on a period last weekend. My oncologist requested a blood test to see whats happening and my results have come back as FSH 7.2 and oestradiol <50 - does anyone know what these levels show? Prior to the results he said we would plan for the ovarian suppression not ‘doing its job’ so Im being moved to monthly injections, however I’m keen to know what the results actually mean and google is ‘Google’ and doesnt help me at all :upside_down_face: Thanks in advance xx

Interested to see this post as I am also confused by what my hormones are doing - all felt in control for a year or so, and then things took a strange turn.
I was 51 when diagnosed. I wasn’t sure whether I was postmenopausal or not (who notes the date of their ‘last ever’ period?!!). I asked them to confirm by measuring my hormones, but I was told this is unreliable and they’d assume I was post menopausal due to my age but put me on zoladex for a year (for ovarian suppression) in addition to letrazole. No periods or associated symptoms.
But within a couple of months of stopping zoladex (remaining on letrazole) I had awful menopausal symptoms as well as really bad period pains and some spotting. I sought advice and was seen by a different oncologist who ‘let’s test your hormones’ as he thought perhaps I was not actually postmenopausal and that stopping zoladex had caused my ovaries to ‘wake up’. My results came back as below, which I was told means I am indeed NOT postmenopausal. FSH and LH should be high when post menopausal, and although oestradiol was ‘low’, it should be much lower if the drugs were fully doing their jobs.
I got put on prostap to shut things down again. BUT I am continuing to have really bad period pains and I am worried that it’s not doing its job. I will have hormones remeasured next month so will see what happens then. I am having an injection every 3m, so I wonder if once a month would be better?
We discussed having my ovaries removed as the most definitive way to stop oestrogen production, but I have now just turned 53 and it seems odd to do that at my age and it feels morally wrong to take a surgery slot when there is a massive waiting list and others have more serious things.
But all of this is causing me significant anxiety, knowing there is still oestrogen in my body and that will be increasing risk of any remaining cancer cells to grow :pleading_face:
Would be keen know how they manage your situation, I hope you get some assurance :heart:

Hello, Sorry to hear you are going through a similar experience. Its all a bit nerve wrecking isnt it? And it seems rather odd that they make decisions based on a presumption. You would think that there would be a more reliable test they could do. Surgery was suggested for me but as Im still on Kadcyla at the moment, they want to see how I get on with monthly prostap injections. However I will be asking quite a few questions when I see them next xx