Fake tan and dha

Hi may be abit if a silly topic but it’s important to me ! I use a lot of fake tan and have read that a lot of them use dha which is a chemical
That can be absorbed into skin or breathed in and can change you DNA and can cause cancer ! Or so I have read and then I read somewhere else that it doesn’t does anyone know anything about this ? I am pasty white at the minute and as I say it makes me feel and look better but since being dx iv not touched it but wouldmu like to tan safely x

Hi Jane
I’m a beauty therapist by trade and did a spray tanning course a few years back, I don’t recall any warnings in them but gonna check my training notes xx

It’s one of those subjects that’s up in the air at the minute if u google it there’s two types of dha one that’s in omega fish oil that’s gud for you and one that’s in tanning products ! It’s the component that triggers the brown colouring but changes ur DNA if breathed in etc but then u read another report that suggests it’s ok???!! Anyway iv orderd some tan without it so shall see lol x