Fall on reconstruction


I had a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction in January 2020, everything was fine until 2 weeks ago when I fell into the kitchen (I wasn’t drunk!) and landed flat on my face, well…reconstruction. The doctor thought I might have bruised or broken a rib as it was painful to breathe heavily, that has eased, although sneezing is painful. I saw my consultant who checked the implant and said he thought everything was ok, he pressed in a couple of places and it was quite painful. But the worse pain is when I’m in bed, when I first lie down and turning over is awful. It just doesn’t feel right but I’m not sure what to do next and wondered if anyone else had been though anything like this as I’m sure I’m not the only one that has fallen over.


I’m so sorry to read that this has happened. I can imagine the heightened worry you are going through. I had a mastectomy and implant reconstruction in November 2020. I havent fallen on my implant so I can’t give you any advice I’m afraid,  but I just wanted to reach out to you and wish you well. I hope you recover soon. If the consultant has checked you I’m wondering if you do have bruising under the implant? I know bruising after surgery seems to take months to settle. If the pain is no better in a week or so I would definitely contact your consultant or Breast Care Nurse again. You could also try your Gp too in case they can refer you for an ultrasound to have the implant checked. Really hoping your pain lessons soon. Sending healing wishes. X