False Eyelashes, any tips

Hi Everyone

Finally time I take the plunge as my careful application of mascara on my 4 remaining eyelashes per eye is now getting pointless. All I seem to do now is poke myself in the eye, or smear my naked eyelids with the stuff! Neither of which is a good look.

I am refraining from false eyebrows as of yet, not sure I am ready for the permanently surprised look, and would be terrified one would peel off and flap about in the middle of a business meeting!

So looking for some tips from you on the best brand of false eyelashes that look natural please, and of course where to get them from.

Many thanks

sorry no one replied yet! I didnt do the false lashes, i stayed with my 4 lashes and just kept my glasses on and black eyeliner!! Hope you get some responses soon xxx
when they come back I got some french stuff that conditons them (havent used much mind) xx


i tried false eyelashes at Xmas and removing them took my few remaining lashes clean off.


Jane x

don’t know if this will help, I smudge eye shadow very close to where my eyelashes were. It is a bit gentler than eye liner and gives that smokey sultry effect I do top and bottom it takes away that pink piggy look and opens up the eyes. I have about 3 lashes on one eye and 1 on the other! The new ones are really short but the shadow sort of extends them a bit.
Love Debsxxx

Hi Nikki

I got some falsie from a company in the States called blinkies, made from natural hair and also available in brown. However, I only wore them once - looked fab but a real faff to apply especially when there are no eyelashes left and there is no hairline to work on.

I also used Debs’s approach to create an illusion (from a distance) with dark eyeshadow using a flat tipped eyeliner brush which you dab on to create a line. In the meantime I was also applying a hair stimulator called Lipocils by Talika (c £19) and within a month I had a couple of milimetres growth which I promptly applied mascara to. Would recommend buying the eyebrow version as it has a sponge applicator which is easier to apply than a wand when you have no lashes to brush it through!


Hi Nikki,

I just joined here so would like to reply to your message. I also purchased Blinkies eyelashes with teh permanent liner on them. WOW is all I can say. I don’t have any lashes and have tried everything on the market but these saved me from being lash-less. I think they are easier to apply than the drugstore ones since the eyeliner gives you a wider base to put on your eyelid. Takes some practice but if you hold down the ends and let them dry - there you are! they also have the most amazing removable tattoo eyebrows. For me, without brows, these are great! Give them a try, too!

My best to you all!

Hi Nikki, I have tried so many false eyelashes (not tried blinkies) but I the ones that I really like are made by Ardell (you can get them from boots) that are really strong so you can use them quite a few times. Also on the bottom I use a really good eyeshadow in black or very dark them I sort of make a dot where the eyelashes are supposed to be and they look like eyelashes! (I think!) I just use Rimmel black liquid liner for this. Hope this helps.


Hi Everyone, I am very embarassed and sorry for having started this thread and not ever replied, I had completely forgotten about it with all the trials of treatments, work and life and when it popped up on latest I felt bad!!!

So thank you to everyone who has posted with feedback, I have managed without any hair, eyebrows and eyelashes thus far, but I do miss the feminity of some eyelashes to flutter :frowning:

I may get some of the suggestions and see if I can manage to not to stick my eyes shut!


hello im chill
has anyone had any problems using false eyelashe glue went to hospital to the look good feel better make up demo and they recomend you use surgical glue cant get hold of any ive just been using the white glue in the box not had any reaction to this but they were advising people not to use it but no one seems to no why.

Eyelure do some lightweight natural looking false eyelashes (i.e. in terms of the length, and colour).I bought some recently but haven’t had the courage to try them out yet.

I’ve never needed false lashes before so never used them. Didn’t use mascara much either, because I had plenty of lashes and mascara was just something else that might smudge or run (particularly as I was a contact lens user some of the time).

Where I’ve always put in lots of time and expense was in skincare. Lots spent on salon treatments and products to be used at home. This meant brilliant skin that looked much younger than my years (sorry about the boasting) and I could look good with very few cosmetics (tinted moisturiser or lightweight foundation, light amount of gel or cream blusher and lipgloss). My working life was too hectic to be running to the ladies.loo to check my warpaint at regular intervals).

Cancer plays havoc with our appearance and yes, we can get distressed about it. Of course there are more important things tp worry about. However, the compassion of someone who does know how to use cosmetics effectively can help lift our spirits.

Hope someone tells us what to do!

And yes, I totally convinced that many jumped up young health professionals like radiographers give out rules without any real understanding of the science just to make themselves look important and as if they truly are a graduated profession. My perception is that you could begin training a a radiographer at age 17 when I was a schoolgirl if you had the required O Levels including English Maths and Science subjects. Now it is a graduate profession but many of the people seem to know less science than I did at 17!


i have 4 eyelashes on one side and 2 on the other… iv never used falsies and didnt even use mascara that much because i have very thick, long black eyelashes… well i had them.

but did buy some false ones in preparation but just havent had the confidence to try them out yet… but because my eyelashes were so prominent they have really changed my face now they have gone and everybody notices…

i have been trying to smudge a bit of eyeliner along the top and bottom lash which definitely helps but i have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes because they get itchy… probably due to the lashes falling out i guess… so sometimes end up with panda eyes instead. LOL

luckily my brows are still hanging on in there although they’re about half the size they were.

just wish legs would have done the same but they still need shaved regularly even after 4 epi… typical hey LMAO.

i went to a party last night and what i did was snip a bit off the false eyelashes and stuck that bit ( about 1/2 cm) on the outside of eye to kind of give me some shape without a full eye full of falsies. looked nice. i do have a few lashes left however and i used eye liner too.