False eyelashes

Just in one of my more frivilous moods - considering the possibilities for false eyelashes - has anyone tried those ones they stick on individually (call me Katie price!) - I have no doubt when in the throws of chemo I may not bother but just in case I did want to I wondered if anyone on here had tried them & whether they worked???

i havent but i will if and when mine fall out

apparently the girls aloud ones form superdrug, boots and new look are brilliant


I haven’t tried them, but we talked about it at the look good feel better session I went on. The lovely ladies suggested that it wasn’t a good idea as they ripped out the already weakened eyelashes that you have left. Someone who has used them successfully might be along soon.

I only lost all of my lashes after my last chemo, I was gutted. But four weeks after the last one went I have regrowth on both eyes. Debx

Millykins, if we got them and couldn’t get on with sticking them on our eyelids… maybe we could stick em up our noses instead to catch the snot?


Now Sophie you know that wasn’t a helpful post you naughty woman!!! - I’m not even really that vain I just sort of wondered cos the girl who does my eyebrow waxing (actually that does sound vain) mentioned it when I went a few weeks ago but I only just thought about it as chemo looms nearer

Hee hee. I must confess, I’ve bought some off ebay but I’m not sure I’ll ever be brave enough to try sticking them on. Now you are the naughty one as you’ve cleverly pointed out that you have enough eyebrows to need waxing, and you know full well that mine are almost non-existent PRE-chemo!!!

Sophie xxx


This is very funny…went to boots today to get cuticle cream…never go in cosmetics shops or departments…saw a whole new world…the false eyelashes were amazing and I was like a kid in a sweetshop trying to work out what all the stuff was for…poor assistant could not make me out at all…obviously not come across a woman of my age with no idea!!
When I asked if I could use the stuff for discouraging nail biting on the dog bed to stop the dog chewing it she almost fell over backwards…!

I used false eyelashes a lot through chemo - not the individual ones but full lashes and they really helped me to feel ‘more like myself’ during treatment. They took a bit of practice but I got pretty good at applying them. I think single ones would only help fill out thinning lashes, not good if they go completely, as mine did. I chose natural?? looking ones to avoid the drag queen look ( i think). Not for everyday - streaming eyes and lash glue! - but they made me feel so much better and I wouldn’t have liked to go through chemo without them. R.x

Hi there
Wasn’t going to bother with false eyelashes, but feel I should now, just so I have something to contribute to this thread…it has made me laugh out loud.

Thanks everyone

SJ xx

Hee hee, that has cheered me up!

Now you lot - this was meant to be a serious discussion of a very important issue & you have reduced it to a giggling joke!!! - shame on you all. LOL

No seriously I was thinking of the professional ones beauticians apply that last a few months but I didn’t know if they could be applied if you had none & also the others I always though sat above your own so you had something to sort of rest them against??? - maybe will juse experiment if/when the time comes

Have just dug mine out of the envelope they arrived in and realised that one pair has cute little crystals all along the rim… I think peeps might realise that they weren’t mine!!! Although thanks to another thread, I suppose I could match them with crystals elsewhere…



Whenever i go to read a new thread and your picture pops up I know im gonna smile. You are so kind and caring and yet so bloody witty. So glad to be on this journey with you. XXX

Weena - all the women on here are making my own journey so much easier - laughing at it all (or most of it) is just the way I find best to cope - but without anyone to share the joke with… I’d be struggling. For family and friends around me, it’s all too serious to laugh at… so this forum, and you all on it, is an absolute life saver for me!!! Just tell me if I start becoming a pain and I’ll wind my neck back in!!

Sophie xx

Well i dont mean to be rude sophie but get winding…he he. Your so right tho, this forum is a life saver-im addicted. And like you, I prefer to laugh than cry.


Ps if false eyelashers wont stay on for me i might stick them above top lip so people will recognise me again!!!

lol, love this thread,

has made me giggle.
as for the diamonds, keep them on your lashes triphazzard. lol

xwelcomex, bless you, 10/10 for trying and at least it passed the time, lol

im gonna give them ago i think, im just thinking will they make me look like cheryl cole if i try her ones, lol


He He He…Someone would arrest us all for cruelty to eyelashes…I am still trying to work out how they actually stick on…and where!!! Tried nail varnish for the first time this morning and nearly stuck my toes together…I am learning a lot from this crap!!!


I laughed out loud at all of your posts, so very funny…keep it up xxx

I too have tried with false eye lashes, just got in a mess, glue everywere except on the lashes, and then messed up the lashes, looked like the cat had sucked them, which is never a good look! so gave up!