false eyelashes

Has anyone tried false eyelashes? I’ve got a xmas work party on Thursday and was thinking of trying some. Can anyone recommend any and also can you use them more than once?



Wow Jude,

You took me right back to the 60’s, i used to want to be Dusty Springfield so i used to wear 3 pairs!!!

The trick is not to have them too long, there are some really fun ones out there all colours and glitter ones too but you have to be quite bold to wear them.

You can buy them from Boots, i still think Eyelure or some name like that make them. Have a pair of tweezers to hand too. take them out of the box and thinly spread the glue, then with the tweezers place in the centre of the eyelid then gently push them in place along the eyelid. This takes some practice but i loved my eyelashes in the 60s and they look really good.

So till the party practice, practice practice and you will wow everyone there with your long sweeping eyelashes, you can buy some for the bottom eye too but they can look a bit too dramatic unless you cut them down a bit.

Best of luck

Hi Suzy

I bought some by Eyelure - self sticking ones, gave them a trim as they were sooo long. I had to get my hubbie to help me as they are a complete nightmare to put on but wow what a transformation. I wore them out last night for a meal with friends (I now have a hangover!). They looked fantastic and I hardly had to wear any other eyemake up because they looked brilliant. I’ve got my work do tonight and am going to wear them again and hope that they don’t fall in my dinner!

If anyone is thinking of getting some these ones are really good. I think we get used to having no eyelashes but they do make a difference to your eye make up.


Hi Jude

So glad they worked out for you! I have tried them too and they really make a difference (after a trim of course, didn’t want to look like Bambi - all eyelashes!)

If you are careful with them you can use them again and again.

Have a lovely time at your work do.

Cecelia. x

hmmm I will try them as well. I can’t get the same make here, but I bought a pair - they look soooo long!!! I’ll butterfly through the season’s parties… miam.

Hi to all you lushous lashed ladies,

so glad you got the eyelashes on ok, it does take a bit of practice, gosh they have self adhesive ones nowadays, i didn’t know that. When your lashes start to grow back you can use Jica or Talika, you apply your mascara as usual and then apply jica which is like a little pot of fibres that adhere to your own lashes and make them look huge, i have never lost my eyelashes completely but my hair started thinning and my eyelashes did too once i started Arimidex so Jica has been a lifesaver for my spartan lashes. I am tempted now to get some eyelure lashes for parties and Christmas so may look in Boots tomorrow.