Family History and B3 with atypia

I don’t know if anyone will be able to help with this.

Due to my family history I have been told that I have over a 1 in 3 chance of developing breast cancer during my lifetime. Due to this I have had 2 appointments,the last one in August, with a consultant regarding having a risk reducing mastectomy.  After the last consultant I had decided to leave the operation until our children were older.

In September I found a lump and was referred to the hospital and had a mammogram. The lump was clear but they found other changes in the breast. After a core biopsy and VAB the result was B3 with atypia so I was advised to have a wide local excision. The results were the same and have been informed that I will have yearly mammograms.

Does anyone know if the B3 with atypia result will further increase my risk of developing breast cancer?

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I am sorry you haven’t had any response yet. I am hoping my response will help our members to see it and offer their experience.

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