… shall I say what CTWH is ? … clue; a bit like a kid’s western …

hope it’s really CTWH and not just “C”

it was (bleow if you don;t want to see it
Champion the Wonder Horse

LOVED the theme tune to that!!!

J A J (childrens books for first readers of yester year…)

Janet and John…though at my school we had Dick and Dora

a 60s/70s childrens programme

CG featured “Windy Miller”…

I am confused … I have been spending ages thinking about CG am getting nowhere and I thought “Windy Miller” was in


the Herbs and can now remember there was another prog the was in and can’t remember the name as didn’t like it !

so it’s still CG …mmmmmmmmmmm… something Garden … ???

Camberwick Green

M M & M

Kids programme

oh YES !!!

Mary Mungo and Midge ?

while we are at it how about

T with PPBMCD&G ???

Absolutely no idea Fixbix - look forward to seeing the answer!

Pugh Pugh Barney McGrew Cuthbert Dibble and Grub?

…absolutely “T” being “Trumpton” … think some of the CG characters may have been in it - my little bro used to watch it for “elevate” when the fire engine went up… we all used to suffer his tantrums if it was the wrong one without any elevate !

how about an easy peasy one - cartoon

T & J

have to say doing this i realised how “chemoed” my brain has got - it is returning but it aint what it used to be - that’s for sure

love FB xx

hey…one that actually translates across the pond

tom & jerry

whew! I didn’t think I’d ever get to play!!!

whats yours Emily?! Think in all your excitement you forgot to do one!

lol…whoops! sorry tashasmum

(in keeping with trend…children’s program)

thanks for the nudge…

EJ - do you think we have had this over here? What decade ? cheers FB xx

It’s universal – name recognition would be instant

decade - 50s
it ran for 3 years only one one channel

and no, I didnt watch it…did my research for you all

Mickey Mouse Club ( i think )

CW ( might have been one word but its two syllables) 70’s

Can’t be Crime Watch cos that’s still going.
Are we still on Kid’s programmes?

What happened to Famous Trios?

P P & M

Pop group 70s/80s