Hi. And now for something a bit different - a guessing game that is creative.

How to play: the poster submits the initials of a famous trio. Whoever identifies the trio submits a new set of initials.

For example, someone submits “P, P & M”.
Someone else guesses “Peter, Paul, & Mary”.
That is correct so they submit “L, M & C”.
And so on.

So to begin with, “W, B, & N.”

Have fun!

Winkin, Blinkin and Nod


Sheana x

PS…I assume they don’t have to be musical.

The Three Musketeers?


Bubs X

I think it would help to give a general clue first to folks can at least be in the right category

Adventure movies

TTM (or as it turned out, The Three Muskateers)

Bubs - I know its new rules, but can you give a hint to S A S???


Sorry I have been late on this one!

Puppets? Is that a good enough clue?

Sooty and Sweep

M M & M

[1970’s childrens programme that I think involved a lift]

Mary, Mungo and Midge?

A, S and T (singing chipmunks!)

Alvin, Simon and Theodore

TSOM (west end show/musical)

The Sound of Music

AIW children’s book

Alice in Wonderland

P and P - children’s tv characters

Pinkey and Perky

PR -childrens cartoon

Power Rangers

C S & N (70,s group)

Crosby Stills and nash ( cant belive I knew that)

M & TV ( sunday lunch)

Meat and two veg

A C C (Dickens)

A Christmas Carol

PPM (Beatles)

please please me

R&J (tv programme)

richard and judy

p a p book

Pride and Prejudice

TTD (70s pop group)

the three degrees

CTWH (a children’s program I watched in the sixties). It has a fantanstic theme tune with the first line CTWH

by the way - as an aside - apologies as I wrote this on here under a different category a few month sback but while we are thinking laterally … this is a joke …the following are three shakespear plays :

3" 6" 9"

much ado about nothing
as you like it
the taming of the shrew!

back to CTWH !
love FB xx