Famtastic new sleeping tabs

hi folks, for the first time in weeks i am off for my 3nd good night sleep, fuschia knows the names off them, no hangover, no feeling ill, and guess what? you actualy sleep!!! all i know is that they begin with z and my onc prescribed them to me, so happy nights if not so happy days!!! got to go , am seeing two!!! have a good night everyone, and may tomorrow let a little more well needed light into our soon to be better lives

lots of love


Hi Alison
Glad you are getting lots of sleep -my GP prescribed the same sleeping pills as you and they are great. I know I am always guarenteed a good nights sleep when I take them.

sorry, have I missed something?! What are they called?! I am desperate for a full nights sleep!


Zopiclone or zimivane, Alison :slight_smile:

Hi Fuschia, its the zopiclone, i do still wake at least once a night, but i just go straight back to sleep, mind you, took two last night, and didn’t wake at all!!

Zopiclone should be recorded as one of the 7 wonders of the world…had them first when I had surgery and all through epi chemo.I have never been a great sleeper anyway and I just needed to guarantee some sleep at night.Am now on Xeloda tablets and things are ok now but still tell myself that if I get to Saturday night and I have had a bad week, I could always treat myself to a sleeping tablet.Well I don’t smoke, very rarely drink now( why would I want a self induced hangover when I had 4 lots of epi and had permanent hangover symptoms)so got to have some vices! Mind you, reading this back, it looks like I am on the slippery slope to hanging around on street corners waiting for the local drug dealer to turn up!

I keep thinking I should really stop taking them - but to hell with it - need to get through the night - can wean myself off them when this is all done!!!


Hey, fags, alcohol, takeaways, tablets, why have i only just realised what fun druggies have!!!

Last time I asked my GP for sleeping tabs (due to numerous hot flushes waking me and chemo side effects) she no because of my age. I didn’t ask her to expand on this, would anyone know why? I’m 48, don’t smoke, drink moderately (mostly!) but am over weight, about 2-3 stone.

Any ideas before I go back and request the wonder drug again?! SLEEEEPPP, I said that in a Homer Simpson accent!


Do you still see your onc Irene?

I have an app with my onc next wk. I am anticipating being given arimidex then as was told early on that was the plan. I suppose he is the best person to ask for sleep tabs, especially as hormone treatments can cause even more hot flushes.


Well my gp was a bit loath to give me sleeping pills, he finally relented after i’d had a go at him down the phone asking would he like my night time demons, so he did me a prescription for tamazapan, well, the hubby picked the prescription up, and me being brave said to him, well don’t get it yet, cos i’ll try lavender (waste of time girls!!) so just as well he didn’t try to get it as my gp hadn’t signed it, so told onc about it last thursday, told him i couldn’t be bothered arguing with my gp, and the onc said that he saw no reason whatsoever for a woman who has had bc not to be given sleeping tablets if she needed them, so next time i go to the gp for my repeats, will be taking the sleeping pill box with me. and if the gp (who is normally very good, as i have to pay for prescriptions, he always doubles up) does not repeat them, well i see the onc again early september, so got enough to last till then

Alison xxx

Any GP who is clued up should understand the demons that are around in the middle of the night for anyone with cancer diagnosis. I used zopiclone they were wonderful and guaranteed a 6 hour nights sleep with no heavy feeling the next day. What is this martyrdom about struggling on with no sleep it is not an admission of failure to admit to feeling depressed and sleepless. We have no compunction about swallowing the equivalent of rat poison to cure cancer but hesitate to use medication for the mental aspect of this disease. I don’t need any sleeping tablets now 3 moths after chemo as I am now active and knackered at 9 pm. I did need anti-depressants and sleeping tablets throughout chemo. I still take anti depressants as been advised to stay on a bit longer. I would be on the bottom block if I had to be awake in the middle of the night worrying Love to all out there Eileen

My GP Offered to prescribe me tablets , I didnt have to ask for them. Whenever i run low i just ring up and he prescribes more without me having to go to the surgery
They have been a god send just to get a decent nights sleep. I am careful and don’t take them every night but just enough to keep me going
I hate the 4am demons -hitting me badly at the moment coupled with pains in my legs from taxotere. We need all the help we can get whilst fighting this

You are right girls

Why should we suffer like this? I am assuming the pills can be addictive? Also, now I am ‘over the worst’ chemo, surgery, early diagnosis etc’ my demons are mostly put to sleep. My biggest prob is hot flushes waking me. Do sleeping pills work in this situation? Any ideas?


Your right girls the demons are worse at night, I am waiting for my masectomy (4th Oct) saw my gp today who has been with me for the last 19 years he as given me amitriptyline tabs for sometime as I suffer from restless legs which gave me bad nights anyway, he says that I can up the dose and they should help me to sleep. He was really helpful with some of my worries, and has told me to make an appointment to see him at anytime,even if I just want a moan, thought that was really great. As for hot flushes, funnily enough since I have been taking these I haven’t had one, dont know if its coincidence or whether they have helped.


Hi Irene, i’ve also noticed that i don’t get as many hot flushes either

Alison xx