Fantastic news, healthy baby born mid chemo!!!

Hi everyone, I thought I’d share this news and make all of you cry happy tears, cos over on our Younger Breast Cancer Network Facebook page, we’re all goose bumpy and weepy. We have quite a few pregnant ladies who are having treatment, and one of our members has just given birth this evening to a healthy 6lb 5oz baby boy, mum and baby doing just fine!!! His mum has done her three fec chemo and starts her 3 tax chemo in a few weeks. Cracking news eh!!!


Wonderful news! Please pass on my congratulations and best wishes.

Yep - that just made me cry big fat tears … but the happy kind. God is good. May her little blessing bring her much deserved happiness.
Thanks for sharing x

Congratulations to mum and baby xxxxxx

Wow! What good news for all concerned. Out of the darkenss comes forth light - and inspiration for all those who find themselves in a similar situation.
Life can be good and this is proof

What wonderful news tears of happiness for all concerned sooo happy for them all xxxx

Brilliant news xx

Fantastic news! x x x

Wow!! Wonderful news x

Wonderful news! Congratulations to Mum and baby. xxx

Out of the darkness shines a bright light. A big hug and congratulations to the happy family
((( hugs )))

Congratulations !! Wonderful news x

That’s wonderful new. So so happy for them. No doubt bought a tear (or 2) to every bodies eyes. Well done Mum x x

Wonderful news x

What fantastic news! Congratulations !


What wonderful news on Mothers Day ! That has put a big fat smile on my face I hope we all have a lovely day with our familes and that this new Mummy will stay well and enjoy her son as she copes with her next lot of Chemo. Sending love and prayers to her for strength and determination. It is amazing what can be achieved and I am sure that she can feel the outpouring of love from everyone. Take care everyone. Lots of love Tracy xxx

Fabulous fabulous news! Congratulations and thanks to tors for sharing XXX

Great news.

Wonderful news, so uplifting and full of hope for other pregnant ladies who find themselves in this dark tunnel.
Congratulations mum and son!