Faslodex side effects

I have just completed my 6 months of injections. I have noticed that in the top of my legs on the back I have increased tingling and numbing sensations. The area seems to get larger after every new month. Has any one else had this side effect and how was it addressed by your doctors. Thanks for your feedback.

I had Faslodex for a number of years, it really worked well for me before I started any chemos. I too had tingling, I think it was literally just from the number of injections, size of the needle etc. Mine passed on its own after I’d finished treatment with no long lasting side effects.
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I am also on faslodex, had 3 lots of injections, not as yet developed any side effects, 4th injectiond due this Friday , fingers crossed.


Happy to hear that they have worked for some patients , I cant seem to see many who are on this treatment xx


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Hello kinglizzie,


I have not been on Faslodex but I have a tingly/numb section down the outside of my right thigh. I have had this since I was on FEC/T in 2011, but lately it has been getting worse and spreading slighty. I am currently on Cycle 9 of Capecitabine. I have always (since 2011) put it down to peripheral neuropathy. I have told the Oncs about it every time they ask me about my fingers and toes tingling (have lost quite a lot of feeling in finger tips, and feet have felt very strange since 2011) but they really don’t seem interested in that!


Having said that, however, I really think you ought to mention it to your Onc team as soon as possible. It’s always better to be on the safe side!


I hope you get an answer and improvement.


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Hiya truffle shuffle
I read somewhere that in the UK . The cost of this is a lot more than letrozole etc and so it’s very limited for use due to cost.
In other countries its widely used with good results.
Ouch .the needles sound huge though.

Hiya truffle shuffle

There u see there is an advantage to having plenty of padding on the rear end …so needle didn’t cause much pain !!
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