faslodex trials

I have been on letrozole for 16 months and find the drug is not now as effective my oncologist has given me information on a faslodex trial that is taking place. Group one involves a monthly injection along with daily arimidex. Group two involves the faslodex injection and a placebo drug, and group three involves taking extamase daily and no injection. Participants are randomised and have no control, Is there anyone out there on this trial. I am aware it has been going on for 4 years because the info sheet had a note at the bottom that said “last revised August 2004”

Hi there
I am falsodex as well but not on a trial as I live in France
I have had BC + mets since 2002 and have got to the stage where most of the treatments have stopped working so fingers crossed for Falsodex .
I have had 4 injections and see the specialist after the fifth one mi october so I’ll let you know how it goes
I have no terrible side effect with falsodex except hot flushes and a bit tired and a very sore behind for 2 days after the injection
Keep the old chin up
Luv jANE

Hi pidgewize

After all the heartsearching they decided I didn’t fit the criteria for the faslodex trial and put me on tamoxifen which I am struggling with. I would love you to keep me informed on your progress with faslodex, because it is the next drug in line offtrial for me. Hope it is doing well for you

Hello Jean, I was wondering if Aromasin is an option for you as well? Faslodex is available at my (UK) hospital and not as a trial, I think other hospitals are offering it too. x

Hi belinda thanks for the infor, they have put me on tamoxifen and I have had horrendous side effects as it is clashing with the thyroxine I take for my thryoid, so stopped the tamoxifen and see the oncologist on Thursday see what he suggests

Just to say when my thryroid levels are normal I will be starting on Faslodex