Fast-forward Radiotherapy (1 week instead of 3 weeks)


Newbie to forum.

Am due to start my Radiotherapy in May -had my planning opa etc informed of clinical trial which was positive But full data for 10 yrs not yet available  advised in view of COVID this is preferred way. 

Since I have been trying to gather as much information as possible…

Some articles stated the 1 week sessions would have been rolled out but brought forward due to COVID.

Am I making right decision of having the week instead of 3 weeks Radiotherapy? I am so confused(still processing diagnosis etc ) and filled with many "what if’s?

Sorry for rambling…Appreciate any advice and has anyone completed the 1 week sessions, how was it?

Thank you 

Can be of no help here Cree, but following as have just been offered same!  Best Wishes !

Hi I was recently offered the 1 week radiology  instead of 3 weeks plus 1 week of boosters.  Apparently this will be the new normal format but has been brought forward to cope with coronavirus.  I too have lung disease and my oncologist was concerned 4 weeks of radiology would be too harsh.  I was concerned about reduced treatment time but did my own research online and decided to go with it.  I would add that I was not pressurised into this reduced format and could have continued with the 4 weeks. 

I have completed my 1 week of radiology.  I found it ok, I understand I probably had about 60% radiology in that week, so treatment was harsher but side effects were doable.  I had skin irritation, swollen boob and oddly more skin irritation on my collar bone area.  I had chat with radiologists as I was using E45 as a cream to help but unfortunately it turned out that my boob did not like this cream (lanolin??) So it made my skin irritation worse.  I went over to Aveeno lotion sensitive with oatmeal which was much better.

It’s been 3 weeks since radiology.  My skin is still easily irritated, I have changed my washing liquid to Fairy (other brands are available).  Be careful when you shower as not a good idea to have full force of shower on boob.  Pat dry only and cream on the whole area also under the arm area.  Fatique is a big issue at present.  My boob area is painful, shooting pains come and go but I take paracetamol if needed.  Again doable.

So all in all I feel things went ok, I feel I made the right decision with advice from my oncologist. I have as an add on tweaked my diet to give me the best chance going forward.  I wish you well.


I can see your message is from April and I’m now in the same position. I went to sign radiotherapy paperwork on Monday and was told the therapy would now be over 5 days rather than 15 based on good evidence… I couldn’t think of any questions to ask about this evidence but I’m very wary that there probably isn’t long term data as to the safety of doing it this way… I had a grade 3 stage 2 cancer so will also be having a boost of an extra 4 days. 
Were you told this is a clinical trial? What did you decide?
Hope all has gone well.