fast-growing tumour

Can anyone shed any light on this. I read somewhere that chemo is particularly effective for fast-growing tumours. I’m hoping so: my lump was 4.5cm and the docs thought it had only been there for 6 months.
Also, if it took 6 months to grow, would it take another 6 months for secondaries to grow (if I’m going to get secondaries)?
Sorry to ask - but it’s bugging me…
Best wishes

It is true that chemo can be more effective than other treatments for some aggressive tumours.I dont think the 6 month thing means you would get secondaries in 6 months that would depend on other factors like spread to lymph nodes.Also,presumably you are now having treatment so the lump isnt growing any more.No one can tell any of us when/if we will get secondaries all you can do is put your head down and get through whatever treatment is offered.
Good Luck Valxx

My tumour grew from 1 to 2.4cms in just 3wks.I also had spread to my nodes and a lot of vascular invasion.I’m now 5yrs down the line with still no evidence of seccondaries! As Val says- ‘Get your head down and get through your treatment’…and remember there are lots of people like me around whose chemo really kick assed those cancer cells.

Josie x

Thanks for these comments. Great to know you’re fine 5 years down the line, Josie! I hope I’m the same…

My IBC tumor grew from 0.5cm to 15cm in six weeks!

I had FEC with no effect, then Tax with no effect & finally when they added in Herceptin it started to shrink.

At surgery, I had a complete disappeared, and all that remained was DCIS.

One year down the line, I hope it’s all gone

You may well be! There are a lot out there who’ve been and done it and put it all behind them.Will keep a look out for you…good luck with the chemo.It’s not all doom and gloom - I didn’t find it too bad at all and I was very apprehensive to say the least!!

Josie x

Sorry girls mine was 15cm by 12cm!! Was very fast growing.
I have had 4 FEC, the first 2 I could feel it shrinking but 3 and 4 stayed the same, I am now on Taxotere and Herceptin already, second will be next Tues then see oncologist again to see what next.

Good luck with your treatment, hope everything goes well.

My breast tumour was fast growing too,as I’m HER+.The Taxotere didn’t shrink it at all and it carried on growing to 15cm by 10cm.I then started the Xeloda which shrank it to nothing within four days of taking it.My Onc was very surprised as she had never seen Xeloda work on someone that fast before.
Alli x

Mine grew between the MRI scan on a Thursday and the operation on the following tuesday. It was 1.8cm when they found it in Oct and 4.5cm on Nov 6th when it was taken out. I was very scared.