Fast shampoo - results anyone?

I have been using fast shampoo and conditioner now for two weeks, and my hair has grown an inch. Is anybody else using this too and getting good results? Michelle xx


Hi Michelle, I’ve only had mine 2 days, I hope my hair grows as quickly as yours! Are you using it every day? When did you notice the increased growth?

Love Lydia x


What is fast shampoo and where do you get it from ?

Rosie xx

Hi Lydia , yes I am using it every day, and my daughter has been measuring the growth every 5 days. I’ve also had so many comments from my friends, it’s amazing! I wonder how it works? Michelle x

Rosiechin, it’s called Fast shampoo and is available on Amazon and Body4real. I think I paid about £24 for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner.
Michelle, I saw a review where someone said their hair grew 2 inches in a month so sounds like you’re on track for the same!

I used Alpecin shampoo, which is cheaper. It works by stimulating the hair roots with caffeine. You have to use it every day. Boots occasionally have it on 3 for 2.
It worked really well but I didn’t measure inches / days

Anybody know when you can star using this after chemo ?


I’ve got some of this shampoo and conditioner bought and put in stock on the day I saw it mentioned in the Daily Mail. I’m using the cold cap and am just about to have my 4th FEC so I’m a bit previous to say the least.
I was hoping to be able to use it immediately but as a precaution I emailed the company that make it in the States and their reply was that it shouldn’t be used until 8 weeks after chemo has finished if you have retained hair with the cold cap. They said that if you have lost all hair wait until there is at least a good inch of regrowth as the new hair should still be treated very gently to start with.
Hope this helps.

I have been using it for 2 weeks and my hair has started to grow back. Really suprised, probably about an inch aswell. I use it most days, twice and then conditioner. It is on the website. I really think it is worth trying. I still have 2 lots of chemo left - TAX and Herceptin, I have had 3 FEC and 1 of TAX and Herceptin. I used the cold cap but my hair still came out after 2 weeks. I also read about FAST in the Daily Mail and got it straight away. It may be expensive but as we have so little hair we hardly use any!
Good luck x