Fasting during chemo

Just completed my first round of chemo yesterday having decided to fast. 48 hours prior plus 24 after. I was already on a Keto diet so found the fasting easy. I have nothing to compare to so I don’t know if my side effects will be eased. I’m happy with my choice but the attitude of everyone at the hospital is patronising and dismissive. They simply don’t understand the concept or new science behind fasting and Ketosis. Have decided not to mention it again. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who is choosing to do chemo in a fasted state.

Hello JacqB,
I am not doing chemo in a fasted state. However when I went through chemo I did try and follow the Valter Longo fasting mimicking diet before, during and after chemo sessions based on the percentages of fats, protein and carbs. I could not have undertaken a full fasting diet. Fell by the wayside a bit halfway.
I had chemo before surgery and had what was termed a complete pathological response i.e. No active tumour found.

Maybe the specific diet had a part to play - no one will ever know. (I also only gained on average 3lbs during chemo and that was eating normal healthy diet but being very much less active than I use to be. Mind you since starting the Anastrazole, weight gain shot up over a stone!).

The way I understand it is that the hypothesis is when cancer cells are in a starvation environment they start to shut down and are weakened. Chemo then can have an easier time destroying them in a weakened state.

Anyway, if you have not been advised against it, not underweight and you are able to manage it, then you do what feels right for you. Yes med staff are great and all that but can also be dismissive about things and not realise they are doing it at times and the impact it can have on a person.

Best Wishes to you Jacq. X ?