Fasting during chemo

Chemo round two today. Again in a fasted state as my side effects after round one were minimal and easily managed. No nausea, which is great. Had a bit of a set back as I developed neutropenia requiring a four day stay in hospital and lots of IV antibiotics. This made me feel dreadful, far worse than chemo. Dosages have been tweeked for today and I will need the GCSF injections ?. Really interested to see if the side effects of chemo are worse this time round or as manageable as before. Will update in a few days.

Really interested to hear your experiences. I start chemo on Tuesday and have cut down on carbs big time. Unfortunately Monday is my birthday and my sons last a level exam so we will be going out for a meal to celebrate. Can’t be a party pooper so will suck it up this time and look to fast next time. Kx

Hi, enjoy your celebration meal. Maybe try to fast on chemo day and drink lots of water. I definitely believe that having an empty stomach makes nausea less of a problem. Also I took my steroids on an empty stomach and had no problems. Hope all goes well for you.

Hi Jacq 

really sorry to hear you’ve been ill: Sounds like you’ve made a good recovery though. Hope chemo went well today and look forward to an update. My next chemo is Friday so started my fast today in preparation. Will let everyone know how it goes. 

Regards Ali x

Thank you Ali50harg
Chemo went well yesterday, still no nausea which I am so thankful for. Good luck for tomorrow.
Jacq x

Thank you both. To be honest I am still a bit in denial. I feel well and it seems weird to be doing something that will make you feel so ill! Hopefully reducing the carbs will help and I will take your advice not to eat on chemo day at least. Good luck with your treatment. I look forward to reading your updates. Xx

Quick update
Day 1: I’m receiving Docetaxel, cyclophosphamide, pertuzamab, Trastuzumab. No problem with infusion. Diahrroea during night, took a couple of Imodium - sorted!
Day2: Feel fine, a. Little tired, no nausea.
Day 3: Well enough to go to Tesco! A little tired after so a nice nap in the afternoon.
Day 4: Today I feel a little under the weather but still no nausea which is great. Hoping to go to the pub later for my dads 75th. First time out in my wig! Eeek!
Still very little appetite and everything tastes weird but all in all not too bad. I start GCSF injections today to avoid neutropenia so we will see how that goes.