Fasting on chemo??

Hello, I am about to start chemo on 17 FEB. Having the TAC regime x6/herceptin/tamoxifen followed by DXT. Has anyone had a go at fasting prior to treatment to reduce the side effects? I’ve read a few articles on the subject, and am thinking of giving it a go - would be keen to hear your views.
Many thanks

Hi mrsB62…I’m starting TAC this fri…was a bit of a shock as they led me to believe I would be having FEC! I’ve not heard anything about fasting though but would be grateful to hear anything that will help us through this!

Check out the February chemo thread, there are lots of us on there that are starting our chemo this month, it’s been a godsend to me over the last few weeks!

We have also started a Facebook group which is a closed group where we can rant, rave, share hopes, fears, well just about anything really! It would be especially nice to have someone on there who is having the same regime, we could help support each other and share tips :slight_smile: please feel free to message me any time x