Fasting too

Thanks so much to everyone on this thread. I too fasted for my first round of EC 12 days ago. I restricted my calories on Monday to around 500 low carb and then fasted Tuesday, Wednesday day of chemo and then started eating 24 hours after on the Thursday. I think I could have probably eaten more on Monday as I felt a bit sick on Wednesday. Had been advised to drink coconut water and that really helped.
I had no nausea, no sickness and no joint aches - and I missed one of the anti sickness tablets completely. My only symptom was a headache that started if I over did things. I didn’t feel tired so think perhaps that was my body’s way to signal fatigue!!
12 days on I feel really good so much better than I had expected and although I assume the effects of the cycles (4 × EC + 4 x paclitaxel) are cumulative and will get worse I feel it’s a good start.
I too suffered from constipation but found pysllium husks - they are brilliant! You can add to food or drink in water. I had a teaspoon twice a day for a couple of days and it worked a dream.
Interestingly, I did tell my oncologist and he was Ok with the fasting but knew nothing about it!!
Thanks again to you all…I would not have been brave enough to do this without your information. Please keep updating the thread x