Fat Necrosis

I am posting this topic in here, as it is a benign condition. Hopefully there will be some responses from women who have experienced this.

I had a lumpectomy on March 7th, for a complex fibroadenoma. I did not know it was complex until the histology came back.

Since then, my scar is around 2.5 inches long, I have noticed a new area which is large, more of a mass than a lump, which has been ultra sounded, and come back with fat necrosis. Having read all I can on this condition, which many people state is painless, mine is not painless at all. However, on sonography, the radiologist stated that it was unequivocally benign, but with unusual edges. I have applied to the hopsital for my pathology reports, and ultrasound reports, so that I can read them all, so I truly can understand from the professional point of view what is happening in my troublesome boob. It is like some errant teenager that will not behave itself.

Now, we with benign conditions, are very much aware that we should be dancing around with joy because it is not malignant, however, we do still have our ups and downs, still the worry, still the waiting and often we have surgery which changes us.

I have faith in the radiologist who has diagnosed this, and I am willing to leave it alone, for now, although I was told by my consultant, to massage it, which was then counteracted by my GP who said not to, as my body should absorb the necrosis naturally. It painful, it is palpable, but I know I can live with it, and can ease mmost of the symptoms myself, as I don’t want another surgery and end up with another lot.

Since my surgery, I thought it would all be over, I could simply get oon with life, and continue to breast aware without going overboard or being paranoid that I have cancer, after the initial scare. I am not paranoid, but I still have a condition that is causing me pain, and all I can do is do my best to relieve the pain, and hope that in time, it will be absorbed in the natural way.

It has been a journey, and I hope ladies with benign conditions will post, because this is an area where we can connect and gain support from each other.

I found a lump in December which was diagnosed as fat necrosis. This follows the surgery I had for a very aggressive invasive cancer 5 years ago in April 2007! Mine is also painful, not all the time but some of the time and definitely painful to touch.
The surgeon wasn’t sure from the ultrasound what it was, in fact the likelihood was that it was a recurrence of cancer, but he took several core biopsies which showed no trace of cancer and led to much celebration as you can imagine!
I have also read that fat necrosis is painless but it was the pain that I felt that led me to find the lump. It is also still palpable but I don’t really want another operation to remove it.

All the best

Hi Anne,

You must have been so terrified that it had returned. I can only imagine what that must have been like for you. I also read that hematoma is another name for it, which is a much nicer name.

Mind is painful and of course, it is a mind anxiety that it is there. I have read as much as I can on this condition, and it is very much different from all aspects.

I have read that it should go away after a few months, so here’s hoping it does.

I also don’t want another operation, it is the last thing I want, given what I thought was a simple procedure, I wasn’t told at the time that these complications could develop, otherwise I might have thought twice about it.

I was going through my rads when I felt an unusual lump where my LD recon was. I was absolutely terrified and was sent to my consultant I had a scary weekend waiting to see him and for me I hit rock bottom , all the emotions I experienced throughout my treatment came to a head I went to my local Maggies centre and poured everything out to the lovely be nurse there. it turned out to be fat necrosis , my surgeon did a biopsy just in case.
The area does get painful from time to time …

Hi scotdolly

It must have been scary for you. I think whatever the outcome, we do worry when lumps and bumps appear, more so I am sure if you have had a bc diagnosis, it must be a worrying time, for you and your family, as they live through it with you…

Have they left it in? Were you told to massage it? I was, then did and I spent two days in extreme pain, worse than the original problem.

That is the thing Somer your family live through the entire journey with you. I didn’t tell them that weekend as I coukdn’t bare to see the worry on their faces. I was told to do nothing about it and was not told to massage the area. I am so used to it now I don’t even give it a second thought. This is quite a strange journey we take with lots of twists and turns I just take baby steps xx

Hi there, Scotdolly,

Oh they do, I did forget that for a time.