Just want to share my miserable experience of trawling round M & S in my lunch break today to select two non wired heavy duty lace-less, plain, foul bras and some tummy tucking wasit high bloomers with some support … and forking out a ridiculous amount of money I havent got on foul underwear I dont want.

that’s all.

I agree that it does seem unfair to have to fork out on something you wouldn’t normally want to buy. Think of it as an investment for yourself and having a flat scarline and a nicely shaped new boob!
Good luck - I’ve been there too. The M & S cotton support pants are pretty good and comfy and you get 2 pairs for £8. I’m now looking for a high waisted equivalent as they rub on the belly button scar!

oh no!!! theres a belly button scar?? why ??? I thought it was a slash accross from hip to hip ? why a scar on belly button??? Why havent i been informed properly!!!

It is a big slash from hip to hip and you get a new belly button as when they take the skin from your tummy it has to be pulled together so unless we all wanted a belly button just above our knickers they make a new one.lol!!!

oh my god. I like my breasts and I like my belly button and I like my nipples… they are ALL going??? this gets worse :frowning:

Oh Jenny my heart goes out to you, this is so tough for you. Sh*tty damn hidious disease.

I am sorry Jenny, you really are having a crap time, but one thing you wont loose is that lovely smile of yours. Hugs xxxx

Hi Jenny

I have posted below for you the link to BCC’s publication on breast reconstruction. You can either download a copy or order a free copy to be posted out to you. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the surgery and recovery, our helpline staff will be only too happy to have a chat with you. The calls are free, lines open Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm and Sat 9am - 2pm on 0808 800 6000. Hope this is all of some help to you.


Best wishes

do you know what - I think Id rather NOT know !!! I just wont look at myself in the mirror ever again… the less I know the less I have to be scared about

I don’t know what stage you’re at and how quickly they want to get on with your surgery. I was lucky(if you can call it lucky!) in that I had DCIS (pre-cancerous cells that turn into cancer cells at some point - nobody knows when.) But it gave me time to research and read discussion forums like this and find out as much as I could. Personally, I think it’s better to know, so that there’s very little to be surprised about once you’ve had the op. I never thought I would come to terms with losing a breast - it all seemed so drastic. But if you have reconstruction at the time of surgery - you don’t really feel as though you have lost a breast - just a nipple. They really can do fantastic things now. Maybe you should ask your surgeon to look at photos of former patients and try and speak to someone who he/she has operated on, so you can feel more confident about the end result. You seem to be in a complete panic at the moment and just need a bit of time to calm down. It’s really tough and you may not know other people who have had this surgery - I didn’t. I was first diagnosed in October last year and didn’t have my op until April - partly because my son was in the middle of secondary school entrance exams… then the results came through… then we had to choose the school… During this time I gradually came to accept the mastectomy, although I still find it hard to say the word! I did think at one point that I would be screaming when they gave me the anaesthetic not to take my breast away, but I was completely calm by that time and felt as ready as I ever would.
Try to be easy on yourself. I’m sure you will find ways of coping. People on this forum are very kind and supportive.
Good luck and keep the thread going.

hi, I am going in for my mastectomy on 8 october, just one boob off. apparently asda do a line in sports bras for a fiver, only do them in white so i thought i might dye mine pink! trying not to think too much about losing a boob just taking everything one day at a time seems to help. at least maxi dresses are in just now and i’m going to treat myself to a couple this weekend, at they will cover the white elastic socks that i’ll have to wear. i’m having reconstructive surgery at the same time decided that at 49 i’m too young to live without 2 boobs.

hi all, my daughter bought me two bras’s from M&S they are not padded but are boned I think they are the best they do even though I did like the t-shirt bras before mastectomy. The bras do give me shape that is why I like the boned ones but when prosthesis is in place it seems to fall forward on and show the pocket a fraction I don’t know how to make it any better, but in my clothes I do feel normal and that is some achievement after losing part of our body. I did go and have a look to see if M&S do cropped tops or sport bras in the range but sadly the range is poor in the store, which I think is discriminative when you look how many they have got for normal wear and saying that breast cancer is their charity, but what a poor selection, take care junieliz

Hi Junieliz
I’ve spent a fortune on bras since my mastectomy and reconstruction - all very annoying, but hard to find the perfect one - offfering the best fit and supporting in all the right places without digging in.
Did you know about Amoena and Anita bras, specialising in post mastectomy bras, with right pockets, left pockets, both or none! You could go on their website and find a local stockist to you.
I’ve never found M & S bras a good fit really, but don’t worry - there are other makes!

I had mastectomy then recon,and spent a fortune trying to find the right bra,infact I can start my own market stall on bras that are brand new.Anyway after trying marks and spencer etc I found the best ones at sainsburys,5 pound,they do have bones in but are comfy ,lacy,look nice and give real shape to the recon,they only had them in black and white,just thought i would share that x