Fatigue and pain

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 months ago which resulted in a masectomy with reconstruction.
I was also put on Tamoxifen.
I have been seen since by a doctor to discuss how my medication has been going.
But have not been seen by my surgical team Dr since my operation so have not been able to discuss any issues I have had post masectomy.
I have luckily not had to go through chemo but I’m experiencing extreme fatigue to the point I have had to cut my hours at work.
My eyes are constantly sore and dry have tried eye drops but it makes no improvement
My side area where I had some lymph nodes removed often still stings and is painful after just light domestic tasks and driving.
I have returned to my own GP to discuss these issues but they are not able to help.
I haven’t heard anything about follow up mammograms and I feel a bit like I’m on my own.
So many women are much worse off than me and I feel embarrassed to moan but would be great if anyone has any advice.


Welcome to the forum if this is your first post. Sorry to read you’re having difficulties.

The tamoxifen will be causing the dry eyes and fatigue. I’m on letrozole and have the same issues. It may be worth visiting your opticians re. dry eyes, although it does seem to be one of those things we just have to put up with.

I had a lumpectomy over a year ago and still get aches and pains, especially after doing light manual work. So I suppose what I’m saying is it’s perfectly normal ( not sure if that’s comforting or not!).

A mammogram should be done a year after surgery, or in some cases it seems to be 18 months which is accompanied with an appointment with the surgical team. Also, as youre on hormone tablets, this should be checked once a year with the oncologist. Mine has been organized so I see someone every 6 months and these appointments have already been set up.

So it doesn’t seem right that you’ve been left. Either go back to the gp and ask for a referral to see the breast care team or phone your bcn and see what they say. In my experience, they’ve always been very helpful.

Hope that helps and let us know how you get on.

Sue xx

Thank you For your reply will contact the breast care team at the hospital regarding follow-up they were very helpful during treatment.
Yes the dry eyes just seem to be a side effect that we just have to cope with good to know the fatigue is also a medication related issue well sort of good at least I know why I’m so tired.
Once again many thanks

Hi citizeneve, as sue says it does seem odd that you’ve had no follow up. My oncologist and surgeon want to see me every 6 months (once a year each alternating), you should also be having annual mammograms. Definitely get in touch via BCN.

Hope you’ve done so now and feel a bit more supported, and normal!

Hi I had to cut my hours st work from 5 days to 3 and now I’m back up to 4 and happy at that. I suffer with fatigue quite a lot. Just hits me like a ton of bricks and I can’t function. I have dry eyes too. I use eye drops but I also take cod liver oil capsules daily and I find they really help. I suggest you try them