Fatigue - best foot forward?

Having reached that magical half way point, I’m finding the TAC regime gruelling - first cycle was ‘interesting’ - everything was arranged re: child care, housework, cooking etc and I had to wait and see how it took me. It wasn’t good, but I managed (WE managed,as my family keep pointing out!) with really minimal difficulties - mouth, guts, hair, bones all protesting but not too loudly.
Second cycle was ‘easy’ - I took steroids for a few days more (5) and did ok and didn’t suffer as much.

Third time though - WOW - don’t know if this is normal!
Had TAC Fri , did ok til sunday but since then I’ve been virtually bed bound - no temperature, but my legs/hips/neck/head ache, my skin feels tender, I’m SO tired and have slept for hours

So what’s best to do - give into that and rest, sleep etc, or try to be up dressed and about?? What’s worked for you? My family aren’t coping well - they are, I suppose, concerned, but it never comes out like that does it!! I wish I could just go to sleep til its over!

Thanks for thoughts

Love Td xx

Try taking some strong painkillers for the aches - it helped me when doing Tax last year. I did 4 FEC & 4 Tax - strangely the first and third of each were much worse than the second & fourth. No idea why.

Hang on in there, it does all pass eventually.


That does sound like your body say woah there let me rest for a bit… I found it best to listen or pay more later… I reminded myself of this last night when I was still working at 8pm and getting really very angry with it all. I’m on FEC rather than TAC though but still think that you have to listen whatever torture regime you’re on.

Do you think they’ll let us off with good behaviour :wink:

Lots of love,


Hi Waitingangel,

Sorry to read that you are having a tough time on your third cycle of chemo.

I would suggest that your body is telling you to rest. Try to get up and go outside, just for a few minutes each day, twice a day if you can.

Take lots of fluids and eat what you can when you want it.

I can appreciate this must be having a huge impact on your family, but you will hopefully feel better in a few days, and your recovery is likely to be quicker if you rest now. Your experience this time does not mean it will be like it every cycle of chemo from now on, just that you need to rest now.

Keep a watchful eye for a raised temperature and do call your GP/ or medical team if you think you have got a raised temp.

Also it may help to call your chemo nurse or GP and ask which pain relief they recommend if you are experiencing aches and pains.

Having said all this if you are worried, or feel worse call your GP for more advice, he/she won’t mind.

Hope you are soon feeling a bit better


Clinical Nurse Specialist

I was like this on tax I called it being ‘welded to the bed’.You will probably find you cant fight it and will only feel worse if you try.Just take the rest your body craves,it is being assaulted by a very powerful drug but you can hope that the cancer will be defeated.Vxx


Hello Ladies

I am staring my first dose of Taxotere tomorrow. I am a bit nervous as I haven’t had it before ( This forum is really helping me) I have had 4 cycles of epi and cyclosphosamide and it just knocks hell of me, I think this is because I was fighting it I am only 36 yrs old and don’t like to be sat, laid down all the time (like the rest of us). But after my 2nd one I just have to listen to my body, it is hard to do and hard for my hubby aswell but my body is saying it for a reason and I have got to do it.

Best wishes to everybody

Lot of love


I too was on the TAC regime. I found the 3rd one was really awful. I had to stay in bed as I didn’t have the energy to do anything, not even wash!
I also couldn’t eat or drink anything for about 2 days because I felt so sick. This made things worse as I was very very dehydrated which made me constipated.
It lasted for about 4 - 5 days and then I started to feel a bit better.

You may find as the regime goes along that the time you feel yukky seems to take longer to go but that could have been just my experience.

Stick with it, you’re nearly there.

I would ask your onc about more/different meds next time you see him as there is so much out there that can help us.

Take care and be kind to yourself. If you have to, could you show your family this thread? it might help them to understand why you need to rest.


You are all so right - I was there thinking that maybe I should be making an effort to actually go and do some exercise!!!

Thanks Tara - last night I was v.poorly with the aching (severe) and vomiting and diarrhoea. I held out until the morning (did my labour brreathing!) (would’ve got my home birth kit out of the car, gas & air esp if I hadn’t had to give it back when I went off sick!) then rang the unit and have jsut spent all day on the ward. My temp came down at about 2pm and stayed down so I’m home with antibiotics now and much better pain relief.

Why are we such martyrs? I shall make good, solid arrangements for the next cycle for both child care and me-care… I think the school holidays just came at the wrong time for this cycle!

At least I’ve managed to read a lot - 3 books this week!!

Love Td xxx

poor you, hope you continue to improve each day. From the first epi, I just switched the alarm off and let myself sleep and wake as I wanted. I can’t go to work with this so, being off work makes this easier, sorry if your situation is not the same. Although I have still had some horrid side effects and had to phone the emergency number loads of times, my neuts have been good every time. I put this down to my body being able to work on repairing my bone marrow as I am not rushing around using my energy for normal things. Keep your protein levels up too if you can, as you have more to fight off this time than usual.
Sit with your feet up and watch the Olmpics!
Take care Lily x

Angel, you poor little thing!

It never ceases to amaze me the courage of you youngsters.

I was on tax last year and it hit me like a bombshell from cycle one. I thought I was being a wuss for two nights, after which hubby phoned chemo nurse and she said to take co-codamol, which helped immensely. I was down for six cycles but they abandoned it after the fifth, as, by that time, I was sleeping/resting for 20 hours a day. Just didn’t have the energy for anything. I always made it downstairs a few times a day just to keep the joints moving but boy did it exhaust me.

Try to eat a bit of something every two hours. That’s what I was advised. It helps fight off the nausea. Even if it’s cucumber slices with salmon spread on so you don’t put on as much weight.

You may also experience numbness in hands and feet. Something else they didn’t tell me about.

But as I kept telling myself throughout it all, it’s all a temporary situation and comes to an end eventually. I was one of the fortunate ones in that my boys have flown the nest, hubby was at work and I could stay in bed and sleep it all off.

Good luck to you, and good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Hi All,

Just had my 2nd Taxotere (Thurs) I am now waiting for it to kick in. Please dont let it be as bad as the last time, high temp, low BP, fast hear rate 24hrs in hospital and 7 days in bed. The pain through out my body was horrific but got back to normal after the week or so. I just keep focusing on next time is my last. I have found sharing experiences help so much as there are so many of us passing on tips and messages of light at the end of the tunnel.
My husband and I are planing a four day trip to Tenerife at the end of the next cycle. I have had conflicting info from 2 ONC. We plan to travel after day 21 after last TAX, get my bloods done after day 16 then book. My GP will supply antibiotic to take with me just in case. Any advice from anyone regarding this would be good.
Thanks everyone, hang in there
Julie xxx

Good advice, Julie, to book a little trip. Gives you something positive and nice to focus on. I’d forgotten that’s what we did last year. In between cycles we booked days out and suchlike. It was nice to feel human again and part of the outside world during those periods :slight_smile:

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Hi I finished 8 courses of TAC in March. I felt really sick and no strength whatsoever. It did help that I could rest whenever I wanted as signed off sick from work. After the first 4 courses I told my onc that I hated the vomiting so he put me on stronger steroids which stopped the vomiting but not the nausea. I couldn’t drink tea or coffee(tasted vile) so got constipated as don’t like water or squash. It sent me into the menopause so after the 3rd course I was having hot flushes galore.

hi TD

just thought id tell you I’m on TAC too. Had 4th Thursday before last.Oh yes it’s tough everyones advice seems to be the same " listen to your body" and " drink plenty". Don’t know about you but it’s so frustrating as mentally your fine but your body isn’t. I seem to notice all the little jobs that need doing and want to do things with the kids but just can’t and then that starts me getting snappy or weepy!

Anyway,when I had my third I don’t think I did enough drinking and listening as I was rushed to hospital after passing out twice .It was low blood pressure but it knocked me for 6! This time I thought I would be good and I have caught a cold-so taking it REALLY easy now.Cora mentions menopause,I am the same too-after 3rd so bad hot flushes-especially at night!

How many have you got to have? I’ve got 2 to go,can’t believe really,I didn’t think I would make this far- so proves one thing- we are stronger than we realise!!!

good luck Jen x

Morning all!!

I am so much better today! Next cycle I shall ensure that I have the child care covered properly - its’ on 29th Aug - I’m getting an extra week between to go on hols to Pembroke. It won’t be a rest, but I’ll be feeling good due to the extra week! The following week I’ll be even better of course as that’s when I should’ve been poorly with the suspended cycle.

I’m having 6 Jen - first was yuck 2nd ok and 3rd awful! I think I’ll stick to taking the steroids more diligently this time - I’m given 3 x 16mg dex, & 4 x 8mg. The problem with that is that I don’t sleep, but it must be preferable to feeling so poorly! My kids are 15,13,3 so still full on (one of the not so good things about a big gap - it’s never ending parenting!) and I empathise entirely with the noticing little things not being done and wanting to do things with them. One ‘new’ thing my older ones do is sit with me and TALK!!!

And you’re so right Maureen - it’s all temporary!

And me to - no more periods, hot flushes, disturbed sleep… my chillow is now at the foot of the bed for my feet to use when flushing. Lying on it also helps! £25 very well spent I feel!

I’m very pleased also to report that my motivation has returned, so I really won’t worry about ‘best foot forward’ next cycle - I’ll just REST!!

Got to go alter a wedding dress now… not such a responsibility eh!!!

Td xxxx