fatigue has returned

Wasn’t sure where to put this thread. I seem to have had a reoccurance with fatigue. Similar to when I was on chemo, fin that 1 yr ago! Been with the kids this weekend. Babysitting, but honestly, they were both really good, and I only had them on my own for about 3 hours and in that time I changed 2 nappies and gave them lunch. No lifting of toddler and baby light as a feather.

Loads of hot flushes so slept bad and very tired today. Driving home I nearly crashed as nodded. Had to pull over and take a nap. My arms feel like lead.

Wondering why this has started again recently. Just changed from arrimidex to tamoxifen, but this started before then. Any ideas? Heat maybe, we are having good weather, not red hot mind. I hope not, off to Spain on thursday!

I’m just concerned that my stamina levels are not only not improving, but decreasing. Haven’t had a routine blood test for ages. Should I have one at hosp check ups. Still go 3mthly for chest exam, chat/revue, but never a blood test. How can they know if things are going wrong in say liver or blood if they dont test?

Any thoughts appreciated


Hi Irene

Would be worth you have a blood screen for things like underactive thyroid, diabetes, anaemia all of which can cause fatigue. Your GP could do this easily and at least would rule out metabolic problems. Fatigue can also be a sign of depression? However, I am sure you would know if you had that.

Good luck


Sorry to hear that the fatigue has got a grip again. It’s horrible when your energy levels are so low.

I have never had a blood test done at oncology - the only blood test I got was at my pre-op assessment. Not sure if this is because I didn’t have chemo or not. My post-rads check was a chat and prod of boobs. Difficult to know what is supposed to happen so not sure if there should be more to it.

I would urge you to see the GP at the very least and ask for the stuff that Cathy has mentioned along with anything else they can suggest

Hi Irene

Just wanted to let you know there is a lot of information about cancer and fatigue on the cancer backup site. If you would like to have a look at this the link is:-


I hope you find this helpful.

Best wishes


I’m about a year post chemo and I still get days where I feel absolutely whacked and have to go to bed early. I also still get the odd weekend where I retreat to bed on a Saturday or Sunday with the papers as I’m tired. I try to do yoga a few times a week as I find with it being very gentle exercise it helps. I’ve had a few occasions recently where I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend, but it has left me feeling so lousy the next day I’ve decided to give up. I used to really enjoy wine, but now I just don’t feel it’s worth it - I’d rather have the energy.

I wouldn’t mind, but it’s not as if I’m a commuter or anything, I work from home now in my OHs business.

Hi Irene
It could be that you are just doing too much, could be just a ‘blip’, could be a virus (tend to last weeks these days rather than days), could be heat, could be medical. I think the best thing is to have a general check/blood test at GP to rule out last then eliminate the others. Be gentle to yourself, one year isn’t that long!


Irene - so sorry to hear your energy levels are low just now. Agree completely with Claydon, get yourself down to the GP. They should be able to eliminate a lot of potential problems. It could even be something as simple as anaemia! Take it easy just now, and be kind to youself xx

I am 10 months past chemo…still tired most days.I have realised I can work only for 3 hours at stretch before curling in the bed.Sometimes I push myself to do more only to repent the next day. I have resumed work recently…My children tire me out as well.I hope this is normal

I am permanently worn out … i used to have such stamina but now nothing …could fall asleep in the afternoon only 6 months on since surghery so i suppose I am
expecting too much ,just want to feel “normal” again whatever taht is ??

Thanks for this post - I was beginning to feel like abit of a malingerer. I finished chemo, rads etc. end of Nov and still feel so tired. I find I have to go to bed at 9.30pm. I am back at work PT but find I have little energy for other things. I am tempted to ask for some blood tests just to check - we have a lot of diabetes in my family, my mother had it after steriods. Could be part of the problem.

Take care all - Jacqui

Hi swanie,

Just thought that I would add my comments to this.

My treatment lasted one year but many months later and I was still extremely tired. I couldn’t work at all, I could only walk a few yards each day, and I definately had trouble climbing the stairs. Eventually I went to gp with a small sample and yes… I was diabetic. It seems that it must have been undiagnosed for some months.

One further year on, more medication and eventually my tiredness has decreased. Gp says that it was likely to be the diabetes which was causing it together with the effects of the cancer treatment.

Good luck

Just returned from a long weekend away and am fairly zonked. Had to nap and lay down for most of Sat and sun am before driving to an open house type party then on home. In total stopped 3 times on the 3 hr drive coz affraid I was going to crash. This is quite depressing as at least I currently have my independance and can go anywhere, well could.

Got hosp next week so will def mention it.