Fatigue on hormone therapy

I don’t seem to be able to find any one like myself,
It’s been 2 years since end of treatment,
I still can’t socialise with people,
Taking to someone I literally have to nap after, I can barely do anything that requires brain concentration.
I’ve just become a hermit,
I feel like I’m the only one .
I’m having to stop my hormone injection after 2 years to see if it’s actually that ,or just plain old fatigue.
I excersise,eat healthy, breathing techniques , but still having a conversation I’m completely overcome with severe mental fatigue & need to sleep.
It’s ridiculous,
My oncologist said I could be very sensitive to my hormones,
Either my hormones want to grow cancer or I’m just brain dead from hormone therapy


I have felt the same with Letrozol pills. After going back to work part-time for almost 2 years I had to stop as a teacher.:pensive:

I lost my job too I couldn’t work.
I tried those pills but they made me ill.
It’s horrible what it does.
Hope you are getting help :smiling_face:

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Just a thought but have they checked your thyroid ? Chemo killed mine! Fatigué was unbelievable until I found out, now in levothyrox and feeling much better!

All my blood work is normal, cheers

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Hi I thought it was just me until i read 'Smiley’s reply below. I sleep about 10 hours a night and even when awake yawn alot. I try and keep fit walking and grooming my friends horse, in addition to basic housework. Not sure how long i’m going to be on Letrozole, i think its 10 years. So i have another 8 to go!.
I try and make effort to talk to people, and get back to Maggies whenever as there are always volunteers to chat with, even ring mcmillan helps.
I eat healthily especially having type 4 allergies. and apart from occasional dip with white blood cells bloods are considered OK by the Christie team.
Thanks for rasing this concern, and i’ll have to enquire about thyroid, lol Moonsox xx

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