Fatigue - Phesgo or Letrozole?

Hello all, hope you are doing well.

I wanted to ask if anybody has completed their Phesgo cycles? I’m wondering if you feel better, eg more energy and less tired, and if so how long it took to gain more energy. (The Macmillan website says Phesgo ’ is often worse towards the end of treatment and for some weeks after it ends.')

I’m nearly at my last Phesgo treatment after a year, and not sure if the fatigue is from Phesgo or Letrozole. I’m working full time and it’s a struggle to work and commute and just try to enjoy life while feeling like a zombie!

I wanted to ask this question too. I’m currently on a break from letrozole as I feel so tired and having joint pain. I’m still on the phesgo 8/9 th.
my doctor said it could be the treatment and trauma you go through. Maybe you went back to work too soon. I hope you get some better relies. Xx

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Thank you Gilly8! I hope the joint pain improves with the break, and the tiredness, let us know how you get on. It is interesting about the break from Letrozole, I’m going to ask the doctors about it.

And well done on the Phesgo, nearly there! I definitely went back to work too soon, would have been happy with a year out after treatment :slight_smile:
I’m going to cross post this question on the Hormone Therapy thread to see if we get any more replies.

Definitely ask for a break. A whole month started Friday and today is the first day I’ve felt my pain is controlled and haven’t napped. I’ve started a diary so I can show my oncologist next month.
I hope you feel better soon xx

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So glad to hear that! xx