Did anyone experience fatigue before surgery and treatment? Grade 2 possible stage 2.

No but I suddenly developed difficulties swallowing fluids 3 days before surgery and it’s never gone away (Sept 2018). The mind plays cruel tricks.

You have had the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and are dealing with uncertainties and possibly with unfounded fears. It’s highly likely your body is going to express your stress in some way. Be patient, listen to your body and chill when it tells you to. Fatigue is a side effect of cancer itself, add the effects of the chemo I am on and I’d say I’m pretty expert at it now. I know how frustrating it feels to feel like an invalid when there’s so much to do but sometimes your body knows best. With minor fatigue, you can work your way out of it with a brisk walk or some exercise. It’s for you to judge.

Good luck with your surgery xx

I was diagnosed 2 months ago with stage 2 and had previously been to Dr about fatigue as I was constantly tired, given vitamin D then, I am positive the tiredness was a symptom of my cancer though which only came to light when I discovered a lump. Still waiting for treatment though, having Chemo first. 

Good luck. Also just diagnosed - my chemo will be after but I also have found tiredness. Hope all goes well.