Hi there,
I have secondary cancer in the lungs and liver, and have just heard that my brain mets have gone (I can hardly beleive it, but I am grateful ) I am just so tired every day , and hopefully tomorrow I will have more energy , but no, each day is another tired day. . Has anybody any suggestions to help ?

best wishes to all


How fantastic to hear that your brain mets have gone! I assume that you have had some sort of radiotherapy to treat them. If so it is understandable that you are tired! I would imagine that it will take time to get your energy back.

I understand that you must be frustrated and want you old self back, don’t be too hard on yourself, spend the little energy you have doing nice things…the housework etc can wait, then hopefully before long you will realise that you are doing more each day.

I had 33 rads 4 years ago on my breast and neck, as I had few SEs I think I underestimated what fatigue really was and how tired some people must feel. I have just begun radiotherapy on my femur, I am only 3 days into it and I am SO tired. It has shocked me how little energy I have. I am just going with it and doing very little!

I really hope you get your energy levels back asap

Nicola x

I found my brain rads left me more tired than I could imagine possible. I was sleeping up to 18 hours a day and couldn’t cope with anything that involved concentrating or decision maling. I found being around lots of people even crowded places very hard. Don’t fight it. I finished WBRT about 8 weeks ago and now just have normal fatigue from capaecitebane and other meds.
get a pile of good magazines and spend the afternoon on the sofa dozing!!

I’ve discovered that ‘chemo brain’ really is a true thing! I find I have no brain)capacity and am shattered all the time!! If I manage to eat properly (am trying to sort out the nausea too!) and sleep for HOURS at a time!!! I find I can just about keep my head about water! Anyone got any tips?

Hope you are all as ok as poss!! xxx

(ps ruffyp - what brilliant news about your brain mets too!)

Hi Ruffy,

thats amazin news about your brain mets, curious how many did you have, what size and what treatment? sorry for asking do many questions!

i got diagnosed with brain mets in feb after collapsing from neutropenia as just started docotaxel for many liver mets!

I had 5 lots of wbr, i had 2 weeks break then restarted chemo.

Im not too tired tho and i am working thro chemo full time 9-5 with the odd days off. I think it maybe cos I take lots of vitamins, eat well and go to bed when its light! And regularly have acupuncture.

Are you takin vitamins and eating well?

hope you are ok :slight_smile:

Many thanks to you all for kind replies .Sorry I am so late replying but lost the link or my fuzzy brain did!.
Hopefully I can answer all your queries
Zippy I had one brain met don’t know what size and also have it on lungs and liver, and latest scan shows it has stuck to the side of my aorta.
I take herbal remedies as advised by a herbalist who works alongside chemotherapy which is reassuring

Madmusic Girl : Weetabix was my best friend for a few weeks but I find soft liquorice from Holland and Barrett good for nausea

We could all do without this and wouldn’t it be wonderful to get back to normal . but the help and support from others is a great thing

Kind regards to all

Ruffy p

ahh thank u ladies for giving me some hope ,i had b/c 18yrs ago ,got diagnosed with lung n liver secondaries only 2 yrs ago,got both under control,then wham out the blue had a seizure last wed ,turns out lil buggers have gone to brain!!And am i scared ,i start full brain rads next wed ,but gotta dig deep yet again ,get that positive energy going.Thought the lung would get me but still here ,surely i can do it again,i got so excited reading about your brain mets dissapearing ,so big thanx for that ,gud luck to u all luv Bar xxxx


Good luck Freda for next week with wbr.

And Ruffyp hope youre doing ok :slight_smile: I got my scan in 3 weeks to see how my brain mets have done followin wbr in feb and to see how the liver ones are doing :slight_smile: still on taxotere tho and have another 3 sessions to go :frowning: