I was diagnosed with widespread DCIS, mastectomy and implant end of feb 2016. I felt great for a few weeks after, but the last month or so have been really hard. I have been taking antibiotics for an infection as there is a small section  of wound not completely healed. Some days all I want to do is nothing, and this is frustrating as I am worse now than soon after the operation. I am just wondering if anyone else feels like this and whether it can be ‘normal’?

I’ve been told to expect this… I think we use so much emotional energy just dealing with the worry of diagnosis, then the surgery, being brave, not putting too  much on our loved ones, bodies dealing with big trauma, you know it all adds up. May be you get an adrenalin high that keeps you going post op?

Perhaps you could have a ‘duvet day’. I’m having an afternoon rest now just as a practice for after the op…

Hope you feel better, love, be gentle with yourself, xx

Gillela, it really is still very early days. As caroluna it’s a whirlwind of emotion. I was diagnosed and had mastectomy in September 14, my wound also failed to heal during chemo which I started in October.

When you have an infection it will make you feel very tired as your body is fighting, and your mind is trying to process what had happened.

Do you have a support team in hospital or a local hospice, haven, Macmillan support? There’s all diets of support out there which you really need to tap in to - I didn’t find any local support until nearly a year after diagnosis, and 6 months of chemo, 3 weeks of radiotherapy and 4 operations! By which time I was an emotional wreck - so please, please ask for help and support to get you through this difficult time. Sending positive thoughts and hugs xx