Hi Sandra,glad your pain has eased.im feeling lot better since oncologist reduced my dose to 1500 mg instead if 1800 and changed my anti sickness tablets too as I think they were making me feel I’ve a zombie.i too look forward to the warmer day as I hate the cold weather.i have my ct scan at end of March. After my 4 th cycle. Hugs xxx

Hello Angela, I hope you are feeling a little better.


I hope you don’t mind, but may I give you a little tip? At the moment, every time you post or reply to someone, you are starting what is called a new “thread”. Unfortunately, this means that people don’t know which thread to reply to. When you wish to post something else - a reply or something new about your fatigue - if you click on the title of that thread, then click on the word Reply (or on the one called Quick Reply) at the bottom right of either the post you are replying to, or on the last post visible, all the relevant posts stay together and follow on. This is not a critism of any kind - I’m just not sure if you are aware of this. If you are, and still wish to start a new thread for each post, please ignore me! :smileyvery-happy:


Hugs. Barton.x