Fear about survival beyond 5 years Please reply


I have been wondering about women surviving more than 5 years after stage 3 cancer treatment. Its been 2 years since my diagnosis and I keep wondering about my survival and stuff. Would love to hear from ppl in similar circumstances. 

Dear blueboo

I’m sorry to see you haven’t had any replies to your post yet.

You might find it helpful to talk things over with someone on our Helpline.  Opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

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Blueboo - I had a node positive cancer which my oncologist described as ‘very nasty’ ( thanks for that) and a lady who became a friend who was diagnosed at the same time had a 7cm tumour, grade 3 with 14 positive nodes. We are both 10 years from diagnosis. Hope that helps. Even after some years, I still get comfort from knowing that people can do well despite the odds.

Hi blueboo
I’m still going through treatment but I’m already wondering about being in your situation and thinking about the same “stuff” as you. Do you still get the opportunity to see a BCN? Hope you get a reply from someone who is in your position -I’m sure you’re not the only one with these thoughts and trying to not to get carried away in your thoughts must be hard . Good luck xxx

Cherry red- that’s fantastic and so uplifting to read. Thank you !

I am at that stage unfortunately…dx with sec about a month ago…onc told me it was a blood blister…I really dont know where my head is at the moment…started new chemo regime last week to try and control the spread…just want some one to tell me ive got years left yet  :frowning:

Hello hun


Thanks for replying back to me… I have had a bad day today… probably cos of se’s today…very emotional and teary… I think I just want someone to tell me its all wrong…Im not ready to go anywhere yet… the news hit me like a ton of bricks… hope do others cope?.. how do they deal with the news?? I read inspriing stories on here and I hope to God Im one of them in 10 years time xxx


Angel hugs xx

I was diagnosed with a 5cm Grade 3 tumour and 2 tumours in my lymph nodes in Nov 2010. In January 2011 I was told I also had 2 tumours on my liver, my surgery was cancelled and I was told my only future  was to “stay on chemo as long as my body could take it” to stay alive. Without going over all the details, my liver tumours apparently “changed”, my surgery and rads were rescheduled 6 months later and now 3 years on from the most terrible diagnosis I am fit and well and enjoying life. I am aware the disease could return, but as one lovely friend told me “Cancer cannot kill you - until you are dead!”  We all will die of something one day, but until then I intend to continue living life to the full, enjoying my family and going away on every holiday I can fit in. Most of the time the BigC is just a part of my history.  Life, here I come!!!

Hi I saw your post about the 5 years marker and just wanted to say I hope you will be reassured to know that many more of us are living longer even when we have a further diagnosis. I was diagnosed stage 4 from the very beginning TEN years ago. I’ve been on all the common treatments and I feel well. There are still many more treatments for me to try. Best Wishes.x

I’m reading this because I’m in the Same boat - anxious and fearful especially at night. I wish I had more peace of mind. I have back pain and need a bone scan and now I feel I have a lump in my throat. Am I a hypochondriac? I had grade 3 4.5 cm tumour and finished chemo and radio last Jan but have felt more anxious since then. I am annoyed that I can’t shake the fear off!