Fears and scars

Hi am 31 with a grade 3 tumour that has just been removed by WPE Last week. I am healing ok but in some pain today. the lymph nodes came back clear which was a reliefnext cancer is triple negative and therefore the next scourge of treatment is chemotherapy once I have my enlarged lymph node from my collar bone area. Because of my age I also need to be referred to the fertility clinic in order to discuss key options. If I am to have fertility treatment prior to chemo then the chemo may be delayed while I have hormone injections to collect eggs. How long after WLE do you have chemo?
I am worried with all that is going On. I have to see the fertility people and a thorassic surgeon for the lymph node removal which could be a large operation and then chemo and radiotherapy.
I am worried with all these different departments involved that I will be lost in the system somewhere and also that I won’t cope with all that is coming next. I don’t even know what it’s coming next.
i have also just had a look at my WLE and the cut is right across my breast and it was just a shock to see. Does anyone know of anything I can put on it to reduce the scarring?
sorry ok have so many things on my mind that I don’t know how to explain this or put it into words properly.
I am also noticing that my husband is angry and snappy at the moment and I almost feel guilty for having cancer.

hello just read your mssg sorry to here your news, andi dont no much about what tratment , wished i could help more in that way, i has invasive ductel cancer, had a mx with a diep reconstruction in sept, i thought my breast would be the problem n still need more surgery, but plastic sugen done a great job, but im finding the scar on my stomach hard to cope with the most, iv been using that bio oil, but its still early days.
My husban also seemed angry when i was told i had cancer, and i asked him to let it out and tell me, and he did break down after a couple of weeks and said that he was angry not with me but why me, he was angry with the cancer, its such a big shock to all, we were supose to be going bali to renew our vails last year beforei got told about cancer as 4 years ago we got married and again 3 days befor my wedding they thought i had breast cancer a went on our honey moon not knowing the results, so we thought last year we wantted to have no worries, but this time it was for reall!
iv just has my last chemo yest, and looking forward to geting back to my old self still need 5 wek radio but that gona be a breeze to chemo.
wish you all the luck in the world in this journey of your life, sending big hugs,
be pationt hun with your hubby this will effect both of you take care xxxxxxxx

Hi, I also found that bio oil works very well, but you must check with BCN that the wound has healed before using it. My son was very angry with me initially, he was able to talk it through with a counsellor at his college and two years down the line he now copes very well. Cancer is a life changing illness and it takes a long time to be able to cope/deal with it. Take care of yourself xx

Your BCN should be able to help you keep track of your treatments and liaise with the various departments.

My husband was also quite short tempered when I was first diagnosed, and it could be scary at times (although it was usually directed at inanimate objects). I think men don’t like it when there is a problem and they can’t do anything to make it better for you.

I had extensive scarring from lumpectomy, reduction and uplift. I used an unperfumed cream and massaged the scars with small circular movements. They faded to thin, pale lines and didn’t really bother me once I got used to them. I am trying bio oil this time round, as I have heard that it is good - but it is my belief that it’s the massage which helps with the healing process. Got mine from Amazon.



Thank you all for your support and advice. I am now armed with bio oil and rose hip oil. Will check with my BCN whether it is ok to use them.

i have an appointment with the fertility people on Wednesday to discuss ,y options. Apparently there are injections u can take to switch off your ovaries duRing chemo but I don’t know off I want to take that risk.

i need to make a note of all the questions that I want to ask my BCN on Wednesday

The scarring will get better it just takes time. Keep it moisturised and supple and give it time and soon it will be better :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I think as long as you massage the scar with something that keeps it supple, you’ll minimise the effects. I couldn’t bear the smell of bio oil and the head professor of oncology at my chemo unit recommends olive oil, so I used that twice a day. Apparently it not only keeps the scarring to a minimum but it also has apoptotic properties (helps to make cells commit suicide, which is what cancer cells have “forgotten” to do), and that can only be a good thing! It’s also 100% natural, even organic if you want it to be, and an awful lot cheaper than bio oil.

I still massage my breast at night, two years on, as I have some fluid retention (not quite full-blown lymphoedema yet apparently) and I think it helps.

Jane xxx

Thanks Alto, that’s a great tip about olive oil. My BCN says its not ready for any application of oil yet. I’m still showering with sanex so I song irritate the wound and it appears to be healing well. I have my next operation on 24 April after which I shall begin my fertility treatment and then my chemo. Still a long way to go but I am taking it one step at a time.