Feb 24

I started chemo on Tuesday. Had a pre children mo consult phone call scheduled on Monday, but no one called. I really wanted to be the string one who adds positivity to others but I’m not feeling that at all today. The whole thing was hideous. I was fine until I was given huge bag of meds while instructions were literally thrown at me. I had no idea I was getting themabd wasn’t prepared at all.

The sickness has been unbearable. I’ve not moved since. Will try today though.

Although the nurses were lovely I found it hard that they never called me by my name. Not once. Even when standing next to you and talking about you it was she or her! Is that usual?

Also thank you for reading. I’ve been an emotional wreck the last two days.

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Sorry no one has responded to your message yet.

Your experience doesn’t sound very good at all. You mention no one calling you by your name, and I would say that this was my experience as well. The nurses were so busy that there wasn’t a lot of personal interaction.

I did find there seemed to be a mismatch of information for some people in the chemo suite. I didn’t have any extra medication to take but once I saw someone being fitted for his chemo pump and he clearly had no idea this was going to happen at the end of his session. My friend was given a bag of meds including injections she was supposed to give herself. She had no information beforehand about this, and the nurse just said “it’s like giving yourself an insulin injection”. Helpful if you are insulin dependent, but otherwise useless. She complained to the Patient Liaison Service about this so I hope that practices have changed. Perhaps this is something you might think about doing. The contact details should be on the hospital website.

Have you called your emergency number to speak to someone about how you been feeling after your first session? There are various different options on anti-sickness meds that can help you but you might need to try a few before finding something that works for you.

I hope you are feeling a little better now. There is a February 2024 group on here that you may already have found. There you can share experiences with people going through the same things and perhaps feel a little less alone.

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